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CABT Logistics launches FTL unit CABT Surface

13 March 2023 9:59 AM GMT
Aims for Rs 200 crore revenue in FY24 from CABT Surface

CABT on boards Shailesh Sharma as associate director, human resources

31 Jan 2023 10:11 AM GMT
With investment in manpower to optimize operations, CABT Logistics is looking at beefing up the team to 3000+ employees.

2022 - a review of Indian logistics & 2023 - an outlook

14 Jan 2023 6:06 AM GMT
What changed in the Indian supply chain/warehousing/tech space in 2022? And what’s in store for 2023? Here’s a look

CABT Logistics invests nearly Rs 5cr for festive operations

19 Oct 2022 8:30 AM GMT
Currently handling around 20 lakh orders per day; expected to reach 30 lakh orders per day during festival season.

Tech challenges - is that even a worry?

19 July 2022 6:42 AM GMT
Indian last-mile delivery, warehousing & supply chain companies are supremely confident of their technical capabilities.
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