Indian trucking community: challenges and opportunities ahead

25 Nov 2022 3:30 AM GMT
Riding the wave of a strong post-pandemic recovery, India has now edged the UK out and entered the exclusive club of top 5 economies in the world....

Trucker-shipper partnership: Catering to Indian MSMEs' logistical needs

24 Nov 2022 3:30 AM GMT
While catering to Indian MSMEs' logistical needs, the carriers and shippers should focus on mutually beneficial agreements to work effectively in...

Decoding the potential of blockchain technology in cold supply chain

23 Nov 2022 3:30 AM GMT
With the concept of a decentralized ledger made up of encrypted blocks, at its core, blockchain offers companies a transparent and secure platform.

How blockchain technology can help enhance Indian pharma supply chain

22 Nov 2022 3:30 AM GMT
Among technologies, blockchain can have the greatest impact by managing the logistics & inventory as well as reducing counterfeiting and theft.

How warehouses can achieve higher productivity, revenues, accuracy, scalability with robotics

21 Nov 2022 10:51 AM GMT
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are the latest technologies available to logistics companies in the realm of...

How NimbusPost configures to manage festive season demands

21 Nov 2022 7:38 AM GMT
As the market experiences an increase in e-commerce during the holiday season, shipping aggregators such as NimbusPost are breaking traditional...

What is the impact of the National Logistics Policy on MSMEs?

21 Oct 2022 5:05 AM GMT
The policy will give a roadmap to cut down on supply chain wastage and lower logistical expenses in addition to addressing supply-side restrictions,...

Economy-booster National Logistics Policy will give India global competitive advantage, acting locally

18 Oct 2022 7:25 AM GMT
Launched with an aim to promote seamless movement of goods across India, the NLP will make that happen by improving the competitiveness of Indian...

Fleet optimization - six ways to improve fleet efficiency

4 Oct 2022 2:24 PM GMT
For all organizations, fleet efficiency is a crucial game. It decides whether your company is successful and profitable or not.

Making India a multimodal logistics hub; a near dream

20 Sep 2022 11:36 AM GMT
In order to strengthen, India's position in the global value chain, the government has approved The Integrated Multi-Modal Logistics Hub which is...

How blockchain helps enterprises forecast, manage, transform business

5 Sep 2022 10:05 AM GMT
From contract management to tracking, from invoice processing to dispute resolution and from optimizing logistics to improving forecasting, what...

Tech-enabled unbroken cold supply chain need of the hour for India

22 Aug 2022 7:15 AM GMT
For us to survive and grow as an economy, it is vital to build an unbroken cold supply chain network, check why!
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