Supply chain efficiency, environmental responsibility with pallet solutions

25 Aug 2023 1:34 PM GMT
In an era where businesses are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint, sustainable practices have become more than just a buzzword;...

Reaching for the moon: Supply chain viewpoint on Chandrayaan-3

24 Aug 2023 6:10 AM GMT
From an awe-inspiring launch to its carefully planned landing, a space mission captures the marvels of scientific exploration and showcases the human...

Acknowledging logistics team's vital role in sales, marketing efforts

19 Aug 2023 2:30 AM GMT
In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the spotlight often falls on the sales and marketing teams for bringing in orders and generating revenue. While...

Why you can’t move a step without 4PL

7 Aug 2023 9:19 AM GMT
Previously, large corporate houses owned fleets of high-speed trucks with flashy company logos. But, now, things have changed significantly.

India’s warehousing boom: A game changer for businesses globally

31 July 2023 7:18 AM GMT
Over the years, India’s warehousing sector has undergone a significant transformation, evolving from unorganized godown structures to becoming a...

Blog: Dal Lake home to India’s first floating Amazon store

28 July 2023 10:58 AM GMT
Murtaza Khan Kashi uses his houseboat as a store, enabling delivery to Amazon customers living on Dal Lake & Nigeen Lake

Startups igniting efficiency, transparency in pharma supply chain

15 July 2023 2:30 AM GMT
How startup solutions are transforming the industry by enhancing efficiency and transparency in global pharma supply chains.

Sustainability in Indian logistics: Unlocking potential for green future

28 Jun 2023 10:12 AM GMT
The imperative of sustainable practices in Indian logisticsThe world is at a critical juncture when it comes to addressing climate change, and the...

Decoding role of 3PL and 4PL service providers

28 Jun 2023 8:59 AM GMT
The logistics sector in India was valued at $250 billion in 2021, with the market predicted to increase to an astounding $380 billion by 2025, at a...

Can India be ‘China plus One’ alternative for US' rising solar demand?

8 Jun 2023 2:30 AM GMT
The United States has shown a strong commitment to renewable energy under the Biden administration. Ten US states have set targets for achieving 100%...

Five top trends shaping shipping and logistics industry

5 Jun 2023 12:06 PM GMT
In a world that is becoming increasingly integrated, shipping and logistics play a crucial role in facilitating international trade. The industry is...

What IoT, analytics solutions can be developed with 5G in logistics?

27 May 2023 8:30 AM GMT
Advent of technologies such as the 5G network carry the potential to rapidly advance economic growth for India. A quick glance around tells the viewer...
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