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Why do startups in the logistic space have changing needs?

9 Aug 2022 12:11 PM GMT
For competitive advantage, the logistics have to strive for interconnected information and optimised time and resources.

How cloud is transforming the post-pandemic Indian relocation industry

20 July 2022 12:33 PM GMT
Since all the data is updated in real-time on the cloud, updated reports can be derived at any time and from anywhere.

Consumer demand: Driving digital commerce, logistics growth in India

19 July 2022 9:18 AM GMT
With the ability to deliver at doorsteps, e-commerce services proved to be of incredible value in the pandemic period.

The rise of next-generation third-party logistics (3PL) services

14 July 2022 8:34 AM GMT
With the constantly evolving technology and infrastructural development along with the various policies of the government like the introduction of...

Why enterprise-level automation of transport logistics is key

8 July 2022 1:27 PM GMT
An offshoot of the disruptions has been the increased awareness of the need for automation and digitalization.

Tech-driven truck aggregators are game-changers in transport industry

28 Jun 2022 11:07 AM GMT
Trucktech aggregators create digital freight networks that bring together truckers & shippers with ML-based algorithms.

"Hire a logistic aggregator to streamline your e-commerce business"

9 Jun 2022 10:44 AM GMT
The e-commerce websites and marketplaces tie-up with the logistic aggregators to run their shipping operations smoothly.

Solving the return load problem

27 May 2022 2:27 PM GMT
For nearly every industry, waste contributes to higher costs. But in the logistics industry, the stakes are higher.

How to make cold-chain cost-effective and environmentally sustainable

2 May 2022 8:14 AM GMT
Process of cold-chain involves a chain of tasks to prepare, store, and transport products at the desired temperature.

Semiconductor chip shortage till 2023 or overproduction by 2025?

22 April 2022 10:17 AM GMT
Risk sharing to play key role during disruption wherein businesses can collaborate to share digital & infra resources.

Five ways technology impacting the Indian logistics industry

13 April 2022 1:37 PM GMT
They have been impacted by communication & information technologies and from manual to automatic transformation.

Gati Shakti to enable seamless multimodal transport network in India

13 April 2022 12:35 PM GMT
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the PM Gati Shakti on October 13, 2021, in the 75th year of India's Independence.
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