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Transformative seas of sustainable logistics: A vision for India

9 Dec 2023 4:30 AM GMT
In the dynamic realm of logistics, the year 2023 heralds a significant shift toward sustainability, propelled by a convergence of governmental...

Role of quick commerce in e-commerce logistics

30 Nov 2023 11:47 AM GMT
Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) is a transformative force in E-commerce logistics, reshaping the landscape with its emphasis on ultra-fast order...

Strategic planning in project logistics: Lessons from the field

27 Nov 2023 3:00 PM GMT
In the dynamic landscape of project logistics, the convergence of technology, engineering, analytics, and intuition has emerged as a cornerstone for...

Logistics as a catalyst for seamless festive season deliveries

27 Nov 2023 1:27 PM GMT
The festive season, a time of togetherness and celebration, brings with it an undeniable air of excitement creating lasting memories. As the time...

Indian warehousing market growth in H1 2023: A 3PL revolution

7 Nov 2023 3:00 AM GMT
Decoding key factors for this growth and how can Indian businesses benefit from this.

A guide to navigating domestic vehicle relocation in India

7 Nov 2023 2:30 AM GMT
Vehicle relocation within the borders of a country, especially in a diverse and populous nation like India, comes with its own set of challenges and...

How integrating automation can ensure efficient automotive logistics

7 Oct 2023 1:12 PM GMT
In today fast paced & rapidly evolving automotive logistics industry, supply chain efficiency plays a pivotal role to drive the company’s...

How can India become the hub for global food, pharma cold supply chains

7 Oct 2023 1:00 PM GMT
India's potential as a global cold supply chain hub has never been more evident than in recent years. With the growth of its pharmaceutical and food...

How Strategic Journey Management Planning is fuelling Indian logistics

7 Oct 2023 12:24 PM GMT
In the dynamic landscape of the Indian warehousing and logistics sector, one concept has risen to the forefront: Strategic Journey Management...

Five trends driving Indian automotive logistics

30 Sep 2023 2:30 AM GMT
The Indian automotive sector is experiencing shifts as a result of technology breakthroughs, shifting customer tastes, and changing regulatory...

Biofuels: The next evolution of India's commercial trucking industry?

25 Sep 2023 11:34 AM GMT
India's transportation sector, particularly the commercial trucking industry, faces varied challenges including air pollution, energy security, and...

Automation revolutionizing intra-logistics, warehouse operations

23 Sep 2023 3:30 PM GMT
In the past decade, the economic landscape has witnessed a pivotal shift, with a greater emphasis on enhancing consumer experiences rather than just...
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