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Mini-metros take center stage in warehousing revolution

14 April 2023 1:31 PM GMT
Indian real estate and infrastructure are witnessing a significant shift in demand from residential to commercial properties since the last few...

Why outsourcing warehouse ops to right 3PL partner key differentiator

8 April 2023 7:28 AM GMT
Read 4 benefits of outsourcing warehouse ops that can help businesses adopt leaner and more effective business models.

How logistics sector has been a major beneficiary of GST

1 April 2023 5:30 AM GMT
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) overhauled the indirect taxation regime in India. Hailed as the biggest tax reform since independence, GST was...

Learning from TradeLens: Sustainable, efficient blockchain for supply chain

1 April 2023 3:30 AM GMT
The recent shutdown of TradeLens, a blockchain-based digital supply chain platform developed by IBM and Maersk, has generated significant discussions...

Maximising warehouse efficiency through warehouse management system

25 March 2023 1:35 PM GMT
What efficiency improvement will Warehouse Management System (WMS) bring to your warehouse and supply chain? Is it even required when you can operate...

How women’s contribution has enhanced the EV ecosystem in India

22 March 2023 3:30 AM GMT
The contribution of women to the EV ecosystem in India has been significant and diverse. By creating job opportunities in practically all economic...

ESG and sustainability in Indian logistics

18 March 2023 4:30 AM GMT
Logistics is one of the main areas where companies of all sizes do well. However, it is also an area where various environmental damage can occur. So...

Staying ahead of game with prediction-driven supply chain management

7 March 2023 3:30 AM GMT
Prediction-driven supply chain management is not just good-to-have but an essential need of the times.

How to export goods to Saudi Arabia in 2023

27 Feb 2023 6:16 AM GMT
Are you looking to export your products to Saudi Arabia, one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the Middle East?Then it's crucial to be...

The digital imperative for supply chains

11 Feb 2023 6:00 AM GMT
The global pandemic exposed industry vulnerabilities and its need for digitalization overnight. From sudden lockdowns and trade restrictions, to...

Four green warehousing trends to shape Indian logistics, supply chain

11 Feb 2023 4:30 AM GMT
Even as the global economy is returning to its pre-pandemic glory, there is a rising awareness and concern about environmental sustainability. With...

2023 to be year of consolidation, M&As for supply chain services industry

26 Jan 2023 5:30 AM GMT
As the world breaks free from the clutches of a debilitating pandemic, global economic slowdown and geopolitical instability are going to put stress...
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