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The need for bridging the logistics gap for small, medium businesses

3 Jan 2024 4:00 AM GMT
Nowadays, e-commerce companies of all sizes—large, medium and small—and their logistics partners worldwide are facing certain unique challenges. First...

Mastercard, Bizom to provide supply chain financing to micro retailers

10 Oct 2023 10:36 AM GMT
Bizom will work with its vast network of over 75 lakh retailers and 2 lakh distributors operating in the CPG industry to automate route-to-market...

Global economic contraction led to modest export performance in India

18 Sep 2023 3:21 PM GMT
Manufacturing across the Euro Zone and the US has also contracted due to persistent policy tightening measures by both the US Fed and the European...

India must focus on moving up value in global supply chain

2 Aug 2023 3:38 PM GMT
CareEdge Ratings knowledge paper lays down the roadmap to meet India’s $2 trillion export target by 2030.

Tiger Logistics to enable SME, MSME export financing with OneNDF

26 July 2023 4:30 AM GMT
This agreement will help Tiger Logistics scale its exports solutions in sea & air cargo.

Can India be ‘China plus One’ alternative for US' rising solar demand?

8 Jun 2023 2:30 AM GMT
The United States has shown a strong commitment to renewable energy under the Biden administration. Ten US states have set targets for achieving 100%...

Shiprocket joins hands with BillDesk to power digital payments

12 April 2023 7:13 AM GMT
The e-commerce aggregator platform Shiprocket has entered into a partnership with the digital payments platform BillDesk to power payments on their...

How logistics sector has been a major beneficiary of GST

1 April 2023 5:30 AM GMT
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) overhauled the indirect taxation regime in India. Hailed as the biggest tax reform since independence, GST was...

Merchandise exports target: $1 trillion by 2030

31 March 2023 7:30 AM GMT
Value limit for exports via courier increased from ₹5 lakh to ₹10 lakh per consignment in Foreign Trade Policy 2023

Globalisation resilient but threats real; India improves ranking

16 March 2023 12:09 PM GMT
DHL and New York University’s Stern School of Business released the new DHL Global Connectedness Index 2022, an report on the state of globalization...

Export-import tech startup, TreZix, raises $1.2 million in seed funding

3 March 2023 8:23 AM GMT
TreZix, a unified B2B SaaS platform for export and import, has raised $1.2 million in seed-stage funding to shape its product in the market. TreZix...

How to export goods to Saudi Arabia in 2023

27 Feb 2023 6:16 AM GMT
Are you looking to export your products to Saudi Arabia, one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the Middle East?Then it's crucial to be...
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