Indian trucking community: challenges and opportunities ahead

25 Nov 2022 3:30 AM GMT
Riding the wave of a strong post-pandemic recovery, India has now edged the UK out and entered the exclusive club of top 5 economies in the world....

Trucker-shipper partnership: Catering to Indian MSMEs' logistical needs

24 Nov 2022 3:30 AM GMT
While catering to Indian MSMEs' logistical needs, the carriers and shippers should focus on mutually beneficial agreements to work effectively in...

Hero Electric joins hands with Shadowfax; delivers first batch of e-scooters to Shadowfax delivery partners

22 July 2022 12:49 PM GMT
Shadowfax plans to convert 75% of its fleet to EVs by 2025, where Hero Electric’s two-wheeler EVs will be utilized by Shadowfax’s delivery partners to...

Can electric trucks be India's future?

18 July 2022 9:02 AM GMT
Trucks are the backbone of the Indian logistics industry, but they also contribute significantly to pollution. As businesses are reaching the...

Onmove's project 'Samarth' to empower truck drivers

13 Jun 2022 9:12 AM GMT
Welfare scheme to offer long-term benefits to truck drivers and their families.

Maersk to deploy 300 electric trucks in partnership with Einride

24 March 2022 1:16 PM GMT
Trucks to be delivered between 2023-2025; to be used by Performance Team – A Maersk Company.

COGOS appoints Vandana Mazumdar to help women logistics entrepreneurs

8 March 2022 10:46 AM GMT
Vandana comes with an experience of 12 years in the industry and has previously been with Meru and JetFleet.

'Safety has to be in the design DNA'- affirm EV industry leaders at AutoSCM Summit

10 Dec 2021 3:53 AM GMT
While EV is an idea whose time has come, industry players deliberated on how safety needs to be the topmost priority for OEMs in this space. With the...

DB Schenker pre-order 1,500 full-electric vehicles from Volta Trucks 

30 Nov 2021 12:37 PM GMT
Just days after the conclusion of the COP 26 conference in Glasgow, DB Schenker and Volta Trucks have confirmed an intensive partnership and pre-order...

EVRE to set up 1,000 EV charging stations in 12 cities for LetsTransport

25 Nov 2021 11:02 AM GMT
The Bangalore based tech-logistics company LetsTransport has partnered with EVRE to provide parking and charging infrastructure for its 1,000-strong...

Clean mobility, e-comm get a leg up with new offering from EV brand Boom Motors

11 Nov 2021 12:44 PM GMT
With the launch of its moto-scooters Corbett 14, the EV start-up has been seeing strong demand from the B2B segment, especially from the vehicle...

Chetak Logistics goes multimodal to move 430 Tata Xenon ambulances

14 Jun 2021 10:37 AM GMT
June 14, 2021: The pioneer in logistics and supply chain solutions for automobile transportation, Chetak Group, is using rail and road transport modes...
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