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The state of logistics talent development in India

The state of logistics talent development in India
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The logistics sector is undergoing rapid growth and transformation. This sector, contributing a substantial 14.4% to the country's GDP, is essential in connecting diverse industries through streamlined procurement, warehousing, and resource delivery processes. However, a key challenge organisations face in this industry is formulating robust workforce development and retention strategies. Additionally, finding skilled labour and contending with the unavailability of manpower further compound the obstacles faced by these organisations.

A shift away from conventional recruitment and training methods is crucial to address the evolving demands. Refined companies embrace innovative solutions to empower their workforce with the essential skills to excel in this ever-changing environment. This adoption of innovative solutions ensures that professionals are well-equipped to steer the challenges and contribute effectively to the continued growth and transformation of the logistics sector.

Economic growth & logistics talent developmentThe success of India's economic growth is closely tied to developing its logistics talent. As the country aims to broaden its economic horizons, a well-trained and skilled logistics workforce emerges as a critical factor in achieving success. Beyond facilitating the smooth movement of goods within the nation, a robust logistics sector also plays a crucial role in promoting trade and export opportunities on a larger stage.

India’s potential as a finest talent supply chainDue to several key factors, India stands out as a promising talent supply hub in the logistics industry.

  • Abundant Workforce: India is home to a vast pool of raw and semi-skilled labour, positioning itself as a strong contender to become a global talent supply powerhouse in logistics. India’s logistics sector grew by 45% since 2020 and is currently valued at ~US$160b to US$200b (INR 13-16 lakh cr.). Linking this abundant workforce has the potential to reduce indirect costs, contributing to the consolidation of the logistics industry.
  • Enhanced Education & Training: There is a noteworthy surge in establishing logistics and supply chain management educational institutions in India. This growth in education and training aligns with the nation's commitment to nurturing a skilled workforce, which is crucial for meeting the evolving demands of the logistics sector.
  • IT Prowess: India's proficiency in information technology, encompassing software development, data analytics, and automation, sets it apart. This technological prowess has the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain operations, making India an attractive choice for companies seeking innovation in their logistics processes.
  • Government Initiatives: The Indian government's initiatives, such as "Make in India" and "Digital India," are pivotal in creating a business-friendly environment. These initiatives encourage foreign investments and focus on strengthening logistics and supply chain infrastructure. By fostering such a supportive ecosystem, India actively positions itself as a prime destination for global businesses looking to tap into a skilled and technologically advanced talent pool in the logistics sector.

A look into the futureIndia’s future outlook stands at the forefront of the logistics industry, driven by a continuously expanding workforce, a dedicated emphasis on skill enhancement, and strategic industry branding. The outlook for logistics talent in India is promising, with a well-prepared workforce ready to adeptly tackle the complexities of a swiftly evolving global supply chain.

India's commitment to the ongoing nurturing and upskilling of its professionals positions the country as a key player in shaping the future landscape of the global logistics industry. The convergence of a growing talent pool, enhanced skills, and strategic initiatives set the stage for India to lead the way in the dynamic and evolving world of logistics.

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Vivek Juneja

Vivek Juneja

He is the founder and managing director of Varuna Group.

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