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Roadcast, TSL announce partnership for Vietnam

20 Sep 2023 8:12 AM GMT
Companies will bring state-of-the-art tech solutions to the forefront, promising heightened efficiency and transparency

Roadcast introduces AI dashcam for logistics safety

11 Sep 2023 12:00 PM GMT
Dashcam offers driver behaviour analysis such as speed, acceleration & braking patterns ensuring safer driving practices

Roadcast lists nearby washrooms for riders

26 July 2023 3:30 AM GMT
The availability of washrooms, especially in the monsoon season is one such challenge.

Aerospace logistics not only needs to scale but also develop competence, tech

6 May 2023 8:48 AM GMT
The Indian aerospace manufacturing industry and MRO activities are showing clear signs of growth. However, do we have a competent logistics ecosystem...

Roadcast partners with Turban Mobility as technology partner

25 April 2023 10:48 AM GMT
Roadcast will offer Turban Mobility with the locks and App needed to deploy 620 new electric bikes as their technology partner.

2022 - a review of Indian logistics & 2023 - an outlook

14 Jan 2023 6:06 AM GMT
What changed in the Indian supply chain/warehousing/tech space in 2022? And what’s in store for 2023? Here’s a look

Tech challenges - is that even a worry?

19 July 2022 6:42 AM GMT
Indian last-mile delivery, warehousing & supply chain companies are supremely confident of their technical capabilities.
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