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80% of Indian warehouses to embrace automation by 2030: A&M

12 Oct 2023 8:34 AM GMT
The report predicts Grade A warehousing demand set to grow almost two-fold over next five years, use of automated package sorters can reduce sortation...

Bouncing back post-pandemic, KSH Logistics witnessed a growth of 20% in 2022

8 Feb 2023 7:04 AM GMT
Plans to open new tech-driven MCFs in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, and other markets

Warehouse Automation in India gets smarter, faster and sustainable

20 May 2022 8:00 AM GMT
In this report, we spoke to industry professionals to get their thoughts on completely automated warehouses and what the future holds.

Are cobots the next wave of warehouse automation?

24 Oct 2020 6:30 PM GMT
Collaborative Robots or Cobots, are currently facing its boom period leveraging its easy configuration and app-based controls. Neeraj Sharma of...
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