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Bouncing back post-pandemic, KSH Logistics witnessed a growth of 20% in 2022

Plans to open new tech-driven MCFs in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, and other markets

Bouncing back post-pandemic, KSH Logistics witnessed a growth of 20% in 2022

KSH Logistics, one of India’s leading integrated supply-chain logistics solution providers with over two decades of presence in India has recently reported a growth of 20% in FY 2022 as compared to the same time last year. They plan to further increase this growth percentage and achieve +30% in the year 2023.

To achieve the same, the company plans to grow its Multi-Client Facility across the country, standalone warehousing operation, transportation and build on its tech platform. KSH Logistics opened 1-lakh square feet A-Grade MCF in Bhiwandi, Mumbai last year and has since added over 5 clients from various industries.

The company stated that it has devised multiple strategies to expand its transportation business across India, including adding new EVs to its portfolio alongside its existing electric vehicles in Pune. One of their major plans for 2023 is to invest heavily in warehouse automation and technological tools.

The company's enhanced techno-logistics systems enable complete integration of solutions with clients' ERP systems, providing real-time visibility into the client's supply chain operations and assisting them in saving up to 10% on operational costs.

Deepak Tiwari, COO of KSH Logistics, is very pleased with the progress made in 2022. He says, “We have bounced back post-pandemic and focused on our strategies for building a growth-driven, customer-focused technology platform which benefits a wide range of industry verticals. We create customized end-to-end supply chain solutions and offer a one-of-its-kind plug-n-play and pay-per-use model for demand-driven warehousing to businesses of all sizes. This has paid off, and the growth has been tremendous.”

He further adds, “We're fully charged up for an exciting 2023, and aiming for a 30% increase this year. To achieve that, we are building up on our capacity by opening MCFs across India and even adding a range of consultative services for our clients.”

KSH Logistics has over 8,00,000 square feet of dedicated warehousing space and over 3,00,000 square feet of MCF space. KSH Logistics also offers transportation services with live tracking, ePOD, geo-fencing, and other features. KSH serves over 25 global and Indian clientele from a variety of industries, including auto, engineering, consumer durables, retail/e-commerce, and so on.

KSH MCF has both racking and ground storage, as well as modern infrastructure that allows for real-time visibility of the supply chain and complete integration of WMS and TMS solutions with clients' ERP systems.

Over the next 12 months, the company plans on expanding its MCF network to 6 cities and taking up a total area of 7,00,000 square feet with over 10,000 pallets positions racked and ground storage.

KSH Logistics is also eyeing a large share of the regional business and is working on a solution-based approach to address space-related challenges, and market expansion efforts and to accelerate digital transformation for managing and augmenting supply chain efficiencies.

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