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TechEagle wins AIIMS Guwahati tender for 104km drone delivery corridor

13 March 2024 11:41 AM GMT
During a pilot run, they flew over an exact 104 km aerial corridor, which, reportedly, is the longest flight in India among all medicine delivery...

TechEagle delivers TB medicines in one of the longest drone delivery

9 Jan 2024 9:24 AM GMT
The drone navigated through complex terrains and elevations, achieving an impressive altitude gain of over 2.5 kilometres in a single 47 km journey.

TechEagle delivers blood samples from remote Himachal Pradesh villages

17 Oct 2023 1:56 PM GMT
TechEagle enables the delivery of patients' blood samples in emergency situations to the AIIMS Bilaspur for preparing operation theatre before the...

TechEagle drones to deliver healthcare to tribal groups in Rajasthan

21 Sep 2023 11:46 AM GMT
TechEagle is enabling the delivery of emergency and essential healthcare items to the tribal population in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan using...

TechEagle wins QDIC 2022 for 5G-based drone command & control system

17 March 2023 8:45 AM GMT
TechEagle developed an innovative 5G-based command and control system over the cloud, enabling drones to be controlled virtually from anywhere in the...

TechEagle partners with AIIMS Rishikesh to deliver TB medicines

16 Feb 2023 11:13 AM GMT
The Vertiplane X3 drone carried 3 kilograms of TB medicines from AIIMS Rishikesh to New Tehri PHC, covering 36 kilometers in 2 kilometers in 29...

TechEagle launches Asia's first drone delivery hub in Meghalaya

5 Dec 2022 4:29 PM GMT
First drone took off from Jengjal Sub-Divisional Hospital & delivered medicines to Padeldoba PHC in less than 30 mins

TechEagle's drone delivers -5 deg C medicines in Himachal Pradesh

11 Feb 2022 1:31 PM GMT
TechEagle has partnered with govt of Himachal to conduct PoC for delivering medicines and vaccines from PHC to sub-center in Kullu district via Hybrid...
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