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TechEagle delivers blood samples from remote Himachal Pradesh villages

TechEagle enables the delivery of patients' blood samples in emergency situations to the AIIMS Bilaspur for preparing operation theatre before the arrival of the patient.

TechEagle delivers blood samples from remote Himachal Pradesh villages
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TechEagle announced a partnership with AIIMS Bilaspur to deliver patients' blood samples swiftly and efficiently to the rural population of Himachal Pradesh.

“Throughout the first half of October, the people of rural Himachal Pradesh experienced the transformative impact of TechEagle's initiative,” reads the release.

The Vertiplane X3 took flight from AIIMS Bilaspur, making journeys to remote locations across the state. The drone ferried patients' blood samples directly from remote ambulances to the testing unit at AIIMS Bilaspur in minutes. This ensured that crucial blood tests were conducted, and preparations for precise treatments were underway before the patients even arrived at the hospital, saving time and lives.

Commencing on October 5th, 2023, the partnership has deployed the Made-in-India hybrid e-VTOL Drone, Vertiplane X3, to address the challenges posed by the hilly terrain. The project witnessed multiple flights between AIIMS Bilaspur and remote regions of Himachal Pradesh. The most impactful leg was the flight between AIIMS Bilaspur and PHC Buhar. Covering a challenging road distance of 60 KM, which typically takes around 2 hours by road, the Vertiplane X3 completed the journey in 12 minutes, 10X faster than traditional ground transportation.

AIIMS Bilaspur conducted drone-based healthcare delivery trials, the final leg of this project was inaugurated by Ankita Mishra Bundela, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and Dr Vir Singh Negi, Executive Director of AIIMS Bilaspur. The Vertiplane X3 embarked on an inter-district journey from AIIMS Bilaspur to Civil Hospital, Darlaghat, District Solan, covering a road distance of 30 KM. Normally, this journey takes 1 hour and 30 minutes by road. However, with the Vertiplane X3 in action, the drone completed the mission in just 15 minutes, reducing the time by 5X. The drone not only delivered the payload swiftly but also returned with crucial patients' blood samples back to AIIMS Bilaspur.

Vikram Singh Meena, founder & CEO of TechEagle, said, "At TechEagle, our vision extends beyond technology; it's about empowering communities and ensuring that healthcare becomes a universal right, reaching every corner. The skies are not just a pathway; they are a promise of equitable healthcare for all. This partnership with AIIMS Bilaspur is a pivotal step forward in that direction."

Anshu Abhishek, co-founder & COO of TechEagle, commented, “This partnership with AIIMS Bilaspur brings us a step closer to the goal we are working tirelessly towards, which is to make a social impact worldwide for those who need the medical essentials most through fast, reliable, and sustainable drone delivery networks in the sky. These sustainable and efficient drone delivery networks will improve access to diagnosis, reduce turnaround time, enhance efficiency, and lower the overall costs.”

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