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Startups disrupting India's logistics sector: A revolution in motion

19 May 2024 4:30 AM GMT
Indian startups revolutionise logistics with EV adoption & tech innovations, paving the way for sustainable last-mile delivery.

Falcon Autotech expands global operations, opens office in Amsterdam

24 April 2024 10:45 AM GMT
Falcon appoints Johan Hoelen as General Manager for Europe operations

E-commerce impact on distribution centre operations, design

6 April 2024 3:30 AM GMT
As e-commerce market continues to soar by 4 times from 46 US$ billion in 2020 to 188 in 2025 distribution centers (DCs) face unprecedented challenges...

Automation revolutionizing intra-logistics, warehouse operations

23 Sep 2023 3:30 PM GMT
In the past decade, the economic landscape has witnessed a pivotal shift, with a greater emphasis on enhancing consumer experiences rather than just...

Falcon Autotech, DTDC partner to automate parcel sorting operations

8 Aug 2023 7:19 AM GMT
Falcon's system can handle 9,000 parcels per hour.

We are making warehouse operations much more efficient

17 Jun 2023 5:30 AM GMT
NEO will help its clients in increasing their picking efficiency from around 100 to 120 pieces per person up to 700 to 800 pieces per person per hour.

Falcon Autotech launches NEO for warehousing automation

14 Jun 2023 9:50 AM GMT
Technology includes bots that can move across X, Y & Z dimensions to reach target bins
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