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Envirotainer, va-Q-tec to offer combined portfolio of pharma solution

28 July 2023 7:26 PM GMT
EQT Private Equity, the majority owner of Envirotainer, had its majority takeover offer of va-Q-tec approved.

Patient-centric pharma supply chain: Right Product, Right Time, Right Price

27 Sep 2022 3:30 AM GMT
Renowned as the pharmacy of the world, the inefficiencies of the Indian pharma supply chain were exposed during the Covid-19 pandemic, for good. Now...

IAG Cargo offers Envirotainer containers to transport pharmaceuticals

22 Sep 2022 9:42 AM GMT
Releye containers maintain temperature & protect cargo longer than any other solution without the need to recharge.

Envirotainer unveils Releye RAP, largest of new generation Releye containers

10 Feb 2022 3:57 AM GMT
Envirotainer, the global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for air transportation of pharmaceuticals, today launched its latest innovation,...

HYD Airport first in India to handle Envirotainer Releye RLP containers

26 Aug 2021 5:12 AM GMT
August 26, 2021: GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo (GHAC), a division of GMR Air Cargo and Aerospace Engineering today announced that it had become the first...

Qatar Airways Cargo approves Envirotainer’s Releye RLP container

23 Jun 2021 11:34 AM GMT
June 23, 2021: Qatar Airways Cargo announces the approval of Envirotainer’s latest Releye RLP container and the airline now offers 16...

Emirates, Cathay Pacific approve Envirotainer Releye RLP container

21 Jun 2021 9:20 AM GMT
June 21, 2021: The cold chain solutions provider for air transportation of pharmaceuticals, Envirotainer, today announced that Emirates SkyCargo, the...

Envirotainer unveils new pharma container Releye RLP30000PC

5 May 2021 7:20 AM GMT
May 5, 2021: Envirotainer has today launched Releye RLP30000PC container for transporting pharmaceutical products, announced the company in a virtual...
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