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Mumbai, Kolkata witness highest construction costs: Savills India

26 April 2022 6:58 AM GMT
Costs have increased due to rising material prices like crude oil, steel, aluminum, cement, labor, equipment rentals

Flipkart launches India's largest modern fulfillment center in WB

22 April 2022 7:21 AM GMT
Creates new employment opportunities and market access for millions of sellers, artisans

Elixia Tech Solutions targets 100% business growth in Gujarat

21 April 2022 6:43 AM GMT
Gujarat is the central hub for mechanical, chemical manufacturing, and oil and gas manufacturers.

Five ways technology impacting the Indian logistics industry

13 April 2022 1:37 PM GMT
They have been impacted by communication & information technologies and from manual to automatic transformation.

O4S to upgrade supply chain tech stack with AI and ML technologies

13 April 2022 11:45 AM GMT
The company intends to expand the product offering to include a comprehensive warehouse management system.

ProcMart launches store-in-store MRO inventory management solutions

7 April 2022 11:28 AM GMT
It helps optimise inventory levels, reduce inventory costs, efficient team utilization, and maximize space availability.

Locus to leverage LocoNav's solutions to ease operations, last-mile

6 April 2022 9:29 AM GMT
LocoNav's fleet management solution will help Locus optimize, operate multiple vehicles with ease on a single platform.

'Putting a Zero Trust framework at core of cybersecurity solutions'

6 April 2022 8:09 AM GMT
From the newest malware that poses a cybersecurity threat to organizations in the backdrop of the current Ukraine-Russia war and economic crisis to...

Locus makes three crucial additions to its leadership team

4 April 2022 11:04 AM GMT
They come with 60+ years of collective experience in managing operations, global market strategies, scaling businesses.

Gartner lists Locus in 2022 market guide for supply chain design tools

31 March 2022 11:52 AM GMT
Locus offers route optimization, real-time tracking, vehicle allocation, fleet utilization, insights and analytics.

Blume Global and TCS team up to provide supply chain technology solutions

31 March 2022 7:45 AM GMT
TCS will collaborate with customers in the high-tech, transportation, logistics, and industrial manufacturing industries to use Blume Global solutions ...

Tower Cold Chain unveils container that 1 or 2 people can carry

30 March 2022 1:32 PM GMT
A robust lightweight handleable solution with the same thermal protection and durability as its existing range.
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