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How can automation transform India’s logistics sector

20 July 2024 6:00 AM GMT
Automation in India's logistics sector can boost efficiency and reduce costs, but it faces high costs, job displacement, and complex integration...

'Our containers and pallet fire containment covers are designed to contain cargo fires for a minimum of 6 hours'

24 March 2022 6:58 AM GMT
Satco, Inc. recently made a $10 million investment culminating in the opening of the world's first manufacturer-owned Air Cargo Safety Research Center...

Lithium shipments- can the industry get its act together?

4 March 2022 9:21 AM GMT
Lithium batteries have been known to cause spontaneous ignition and uncontrollable fire on aircraft. How can the industry fight misdeclaration, wrong...

He is a karma yogi: Jalpa H Vithalani of The Global Group

21 Jun 2020 10:55 AM GMT
June 21, 2020: Current times, as tough as they may seem, have tried to rekindle and elevate the value of togetherness. Minding the healthcare crisis,...

My father had the zeal like none other: MCC Container Lines’ Tej Contractor

21 Jun 2020 10:43 AM GMT
June 21, 2020: Your father is someone who will always be there; he will be your silent protector and your guardian and is inescapably a part of you...

He is an academic at heart: Mihir Bhadkamkar of ATC Group

21 Jun 2020 10:23 AM GMT
June 21, 2020: From customs broker to door-to-door logistics; and through knowledge and right people, such is the story remembered by Mihir Bhadkamkar...
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