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Without M&As we can’t grow as fast as we would like to, says Eric Erbacher, CEO, Chapman Freeborn

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When Chris Chapman and Mike Freeborn established Chapman Freeborn in 1973 it all began with a shared passion for aviation and a unique business opportunity to market Alaska International Air’s fleet of Hercules freighter aircraft.

50 years later, the aircraft charter specialist is bigger, more global and very well diversified. In 2019 Chapman Freeborn was acquired by Avia Solutions Group, a global aviation holding company with subsidiaries engaged in aircraft maintenance, pilot training, ground handling and fuelling, aviation IT solutions and business aviation.

Today’s cargo mastermind is Eric Erbacher, the CEO of Chapman Freeborn. Eric took charge of the company right in the midst of a global pandemic and at a very interesting time in the history of Chapman Freeborn. More than two years into his current job, Erbacher joins Reji John, Editor, STAT Media Group, to discuss Chapman Freeborn, the growth plans under the new ownership, current market conditions and the trends that influence charter demand.

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