"Time for supply chain professionals to reset the expectations"

22 Jun 2022 5:09 AM GMT
Vickram Srivastava, Head of Planning - Global Supply Chain, Sun Pharma, told supply chain professionals, 'It's time for us to tell businesses that...

How to create Addis Ababa into a smart logistics hub? Ethiopian Cargo has a plan, says Abel Alemu

21 Jun 2022 7:48 AM GMT
It is Africa's biggest and fastest growing combination carrier with a modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft connecting key global destination...

TT Group MD opens up on lack of skilled logistics personnel in India

20 Jun 2022 3:51 AM GMT
And watch video to understand why he is tying up with Singapore to launch courses for logistics professionals in India.

Cultural shift to faster deliveries prompts launch of Bobba Logistics

17 Jun 2022 3:00 AM GMT
Bobba Logistics is micro fulfilment, micro warehousing solution launched by the 30-year-old logistics firm Bobba Group.

Astral Aviation appoints Zeal Global as new GSA

15 Jun 2022 5:20 AM GMT
Zeal Global formally took over Astral Aviation's GSA in India on June 1

Tom Crabtree, Regional Director – Airline Market Analysis, Boeing

9 May 2022 5:08 AM GMT
What is the future for global air freight industry in a rapidly changing business environment? Reji Jon, Editor of STAT Media Group gets Tom Crabtree, ...

eShipz co-founder Shivadeep Mahadi at E-commerce Logistics Summit 2022

30 April 2022 12:28 PM GMT
Watch eShipz Co-Founder Shivadeep Mahadi doing his presentation during the EcommerceLogisticsSummit2022 organised by Indian Transport & Logistics...

Utkarsh Sharma of Smartr Logistics at E-commerce Logistics Summit 2022

30 April 2022 5:33 AM GMT
Watch Smartr Logistics' utkarsh Sharma addressing the audience during the E-commerce Logistics Summit 2022 in Mumbai on April 20, 2022, organised by...

Yash Jain, Founder, NimbusPost I E-commerce Logistics Summit 2022

30 April 2022 5:31 AM GMT
Watch NimbusPost Founder Yash Jain's presentation during the second edition of Ecommerce Logistics Summit organised by Indian Transport &...

Up on Stage with Abhishek Middha #Ecommerce #Exports #Amazon

28 April 2022 12:25 PM GMT
At the 2nd edition of the eCommerce Logistics Summit, organized by The Indian Transport & Logistics News (ITLN) and presented by FedEx, ITLN's...

Founder, angel investor, start-up advisor Navin Mistry has done it all

28 April 2022 12:24 PM GMT
Founder, angel investor, start-up advisor Navin Mistry has done it all and we have many things to learn from his over 20 years of experience founding...

Salmon demand is increasing in India: Catch of Norway Seafood MD

28 April 2022 12:21 PM GMT
Mark Alzawahra, managing director, Catch of Norway Seafood, was bullish on the demand for fresh catch (Salmon and others) from Norway due to various...
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