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Semiconductors: global demand, handful suppliers

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Today's world thrives on technology and digitalization. We are all highly dependent on technology to run our day-to-day errands. Life without our PCs, coffee makers, microwaves, smart phones, printers, cars, mixers, etc., is almost impossible to imagine. Semiconductors play an important role because they are the cells of technology. All kinds of devices, including large scale military missiles, war ships, healthcare devices, transportation systems, cannot function without semiconductors. And the concern that shadows this extensive dependency on semiconductors is the limitation of its production. There are really just handful of companies around the globe that harness the capability of producing these demanding semiconductors. As the very tools needed for designing, manufacturing and supplying semiconductors are expensive and sensitive. In this episode of Cargo Tales we deep dive into the importance, usage and dependence of semiconductors and the need for their supply chain network to expand.

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