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Fueling the future: Decoding automotive resilience with data | GoComet | Auto SCM Summit 2023

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In the post-Covid landscape, it’s not just about seeing what’s in front of us; it’s about anticipating the twists and turns ahead. Unravel the role of data as the new oil, steering the industry towards resilience. In the race for predictability, data isn’t just a tool; it’s the engine powering future triumphs. Navigate the roads of uncertainty and discover how data transforms challenges into golden opportunities, fuelling the drive towards sustained success. Ready to harness the true potential of your data-driven journey?

Watch Lakshya Sharma, Head of Growth, GoComet, speaking at the seventh edition of Auto SCM Summit on December 5, 2023, organised by Indian Transport & Logistics News (

Presented by Frankfurt Airport, the event also had Dachser as Supporting Partner and Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals (Hactl) as Sustainability Partner.

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