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air cargo India 2024 to catalyse ideas around multimodality

13 Feb 2024 12:26 PM GMT
Participation from 300+ global brands, 600+ conference delegates & 12,000+ visitors from 50+ countries

Jettainer to expand skypooling tool for better ULD management

6 Jun 2019 5:54 AM GMT
June 6, 2019: Jettainer has taken over the online platform skypooling to help 100 participating airlines in managing their containers more...

ACL Airshop launches FindMyULD app at Air Cargo Europe in Munich

5 Jun 2019 6:08 AM GMT
June 5, 2019: ACL Airshop has launched a mobile app called FindMyULD, specifically designed to enhance every data requirement in air cargo...

First stop for hyper-smart Container 42 is Transport Logistic in Munich

24 May 2019 11:12 AM GMT
May 24, 2019: Hyper-smart Container 42, which left for its first leg of a two-year data-collecting mission around the world, will make its first stop...
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