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Swarup Bose

Swarup Bose

He is the founder and chief executive officer of the SaaS-based cold chain marketplace Celcius

How can India become the hub for global food, pharma cold supply chains

7 Oct 2023 1:00 PM GMT
India's potential as a global cold supply chain hub has never been more evident than in recent years. With the growth of its pharmaceutical and food...

Decoding the potential of blockchain technology in cold supply chain

23 Nov 2022 3:30 AM GMT
With the concept of a decentralized ledger made up of encrypted blocks, at its core, blockchain offers companies a transparent and secure platform.

Tech-enabled unbroken cold supply chain need of the hour for India

22 Aug 2022 7:15 AM GMT
For us to survive and grow as an economy, it is vital to build an unbroken cold supply chain network, check why!
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