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Jet Freight accelerates 'Mission Excel' for business transformation

To focus on a business transformation strategy to achieve exponential growth, multi-fold expansion

Jet Freight accelerates Mission Excel for business transformation

Richard Theknath, Chairman and MD of Jet Freight

Jet Freight Logistics Limited, continues to strive for growth and expansion. Recently the company has announced "Mission Excel" which is their business transformation initiative that promises to bring 5x revenue growth in the coming 5 years of the company. This business initiative is built upon the 4 Ps of business expansion that comprises of product expansion, people & culture, process automation, and promotion of business.

Jet Freight has been in the industry for more than 3 decades specializing in air freight and is considered among the top 3 freight forwarders in India for perishable shipments. Under Mission Excel, Jet Freight plans to expand its wings from air/ ocean forwarding to specialize in the last-mile delivery, adapting the 4PL approach, offering Surface Transport along with Customs Clearance, and Warehousing. Jet Freight has recently announced the use of electric vehicles for their last-mile deliveries promising a sustainable future and environment-friendly approach ensuring seamless deliveries for their customers.

With the 4PL approach, Jet Freight plans to hire subject matter experts to bring digitalization and expand its strategic collaboration with an automated HR System for people management and culturally defined engagement. With its added emphasis on employee engagement and inclusive workplace culture, Jet Freight is capitalizing on hiring and acquiring the right team for the job. Ashish Nagpurkar (CHRO) added, "This exponential growth demands breakthrough people practices that will create an ecosystem for delivering superior and sustainable performance. The key drivers to bring in this transformation are Revamping our performance management strategy, Employee Development, unconventional ways employee engagement supported by the digitization of people processes."

Every process counts, Jet Freight will be investing in Cloud-based infrastructure and collaboration to improve speed and operational efficiency across businesses in the coming years. The whole ecosystem will be streamlined to reduce the dual time and expedite the delivery system and customer satisfaction. Arvind Talan (CFO) added, "We are dedicated to contributing tremendous value to the business by defining the company's financial plan, leading it through finance automation, and partnering for strategic goals. There is a strong emphasis on managing risk, driving performance, and ensuring integrity and accuracy of company information. We are focusing to look forward on embracing flexibility, and developing global strategies."

By moving towards digitization and integration, Jet Freight is infusing innovation and expanding its international reach under Mission Excel, with promotion as the fourth 'P'. Jet Freight plans to position itself as the most desired global freight forwarder by offering its services with an effective price strategy, focusing on the core value of the company "Customer First" for all businesses across the globe.

Underlining the initiative, Richard Theknath, Chairman and Managing Director, Jet Freight said, "Jet Freight is looking towards expanding across the verticals and stepping into more categories to provide our clients with a large portfolio of convenience-centric services. By developing our products and creating value addition for our clients, we are also highlighting the role of our people and are proud of the culture that we are building. Apart from engaging the employees and influencing their growth, we are also focusing on hiring the right team to deliver A-class results. In formulating a technology-driven team, it was only natural for us to embrace the role of digitization and integration in transforming a superior automated process to save time and cost. All these ultimately create the perfect environment for us to grow and extend our international reach in promoting our value-added services for our satisfied clients."

Jet Freight aspires to create a very holistic working culture that will supplement its mission to excel in its services for customers. Jet Freight intends to effect a significant revolution within the industry by introducing core services and infusing the power of digitization and process integration while promoting its reach to potential clients.

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