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Cultural shift to faster deliveries prompts launch of Bobba Logistics

Bobba Logistics is micro fulfilment, micro warehousing solution launched by the 30-year-old logistics firm Bobba Group.


Bobba Group recently launched a new division called Bobba Logistics to niche warehouse and logistics solutions that meet the end-to-end supply chain needs of enterprises.

Bobba Logistics is planning to open a 75,000 sq ft warehousing facility inside the city of Bengaluru and close to the Bangalore International Airport. Starting with Bengaluru, Bobba Logistics wants to expand its warehousing footprint and services to other parts of South and Eastern India.

In the new episode of Leaders Speak, STAT Media Group speaks to Bobba Group Director Chandrakala Bobba and probes her ideas about the Indian logistics market. With the new micro fulfilment, micro warehousing solution, Chandrakala and Bobba Logistics are aligning themselves with some of the emerging trends like the need to deliver on time.

"There is an increasing trend in the warehousing sector across Asian and South Asian countries to have warehousing facilities inside the cities to facilitate quick and faster delivery of goods to customers," she said.

"These are not 2 lakh sq ft big warehouses that are often situated in the outskirts but smaller ones close to the consumption centres not just to save transportation costs but also to ensure timely deliveries," she added.

She noted the cultural shift from going to a physical store to an online store because you can get it faster and quicker. She said, "We have come up with Bobba Logistics so that more the facilities are closer to the cities the more it is easier for the distribution and delivery."

About the new Bengaluru warehousing facility, Bobba noted that that will provide all value-added services and customise solutions according to the needs of customers. "We will do cold chain, reverse logistics, inventory management, labelling, picking, packing, repacking, barcoding and even delivery. It is a tailor-made solution rather than a pick and chose model," she said.

Libin Chacko Kurian

Libin Chacko Kurian

Assistant Editor at STAT Media Group, he has six years of experience in business journalism covering food & beverage, nutraceuticals and now logistics. His current passion is to understand the nuances of global supply chains and their current turmoil. Outside work, he is also interested in philosophy, history, birding and travelling. Mail him: Follow on LinkedIn

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