Yogita Raghuvanshi: Defying odds in India's logistics industry

In an interview with Indian Transport & Logistics News, Raghuvanshi shared her journey and experience in the trucking business.

Update: 2024-06-05 15:24 GMT
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In 2010, women constituted a mere 8% of the global logistics workforce, but this figure has steadily risen, reaching 20% by 2018. In India, the percentage of women in logistics currently stands at approximately 15% and is projected to reach the global average of 20% by 2024, according to Mahindra Logistics. This marks a slow yet promising shift in an industry traditionally perceived as masculine, labour-intensive, and unsafe for women.

Historically, women's roles in logistics were limited to soft tasks like packaging and sorting or support functions such as human resources and administration. However, this trend is changing, with more women taking on physically demanding field roles and occupying managerial and operational positions.

A notable example of this shift is Yogita Raghuvanshi, India's first female truck driver and the owner of Rajhans Transport Company. A qualified lawyer from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Raghuvanshi defied gender norms by becoming a truck driver after obtaining her license in 2006. She turned to driving to support her family following her husband's death.

Raghuvanshi, who has never bribed a police officer and maintains a clean driving record, spoke at a panel discussion on ‘Women Shaping the Future of Logistics, Commercial Vehicle & Off-Highway Industry’ at the Commercial Vehicle Forum 2024 in Pune.

During the event, in an exclusive interview with Indian Transport & Logistics News, Raghuvanshi urged Indians to empower their daughters to protect themselves, choose their own careers, and be daring from a young age.


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