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Zypp Electric partners with TSAW Drones to boost last mile deliveries

Zypp Electric, India's leading Tech-Enabled EV-as-a-Service Shared Electric Mobility platform has recently partnered with TSAW Drones to add drone delivery in their Portfolio for last-mile delivery services.

Zypp Electric partners with TSAW Drones to boost last mile deliveries

January 7, 2022: Zypp Electric, India's leading Tech-Enabled EV-as-a-Service Shared Electric Mobility platform has recently partnered with TSAW Drones to add drone delivery in their Portfolio for last-mile delivery services.

TSAW Drones is a startup company that works on introducing drones in logistics. This startup builds an end-to-end intelligent technology stack including smart GCS, UTM and AI-assisted smart fleet health management for drones to deliver all kinds of loads.

Under this partnership, Zypp Electric and TSAW Drones plan to deploy 200 drones for last mile delivery in the first phase in 4 cities. Drone delivery services will be offered to limited localities during the first phase. All the deployed drones will be equipped with smart lockers which can be opened only through an OTP pin provided to the customer which will ensure the safety of the items at the time of delivery. With this partnership, last-mile logistics can use great help through drones. Making drones cheaper, faster and smarter will solve a great deal of the logistics gap which Zypp Electric has in the current model which sometimes gets hampered due to traffic in hilly terrain and long distance deliveries. These services are planned in all the cities where Zypp Electric is operational such as Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

Long distance Last mile deliveries today are highly inefficient and slow due to traffic congestion and high dependency on human drivers. Introducing drones for automated deliveries will reduce the time and cost of last mile deliveries drastically. Cities are expanding beyond 10s of miles and delivering to each and every customer in a given time is impossible. Drones with their speed and AI intelligence are capable of connecting each and every person to every location in the city. It will make the world a smaller place.

"We are extremely happy to announce our partnership with TSAW Drones, India's leading drone R&D & manufacturing startup. The best part is that drones are flying EV vehicles and they will add as an extension to our ground fleet of E-scooters to deliver medical, food, grocery parcels in long distances at 1/10 the time needed and also in hilly terrains where deliveries via roads are tougher. Zypp Electric is looking forward to making the deliveries smoother and smarter across various locations. Zypp Electric and TSAW Drones' partnership will help take last-mile deliveries to the next level." said Akash Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO of Zypp Electric.

Drone package delivery is the future of the logistics industry and is projected to grow from $528 Mn in 2020 to $39Bn by 2030. TSAW Drones aims to cater to market demand for package size <5Kg using Hybrid drones including Medical logistics which will grow at highest CAGR in next 10 years. TSAW Drones also aims to capture the market opportunity of Military Logistics, Port Cargo Movement, Intracity Deliveries (Warehouse to Warehouse) and Air Taxi in the near future.

The drones are equipped with a highly optimised propulsion system along with battery drain monitoring. This increases the efficiency of the drones by 130%. Apart from this the drones are connected to a cloud network for safe operations. Each and every operation is monitored remotely by system admin. Through the cloud-based software of the company, flying will become so easy for everyone that the only thing that a user needs to do is choose the destination. Rest everything is taken care of by the Drone Cloud Intelligence System automatically including path planning, avoiding obstacles, compliance, safety, etc. Every flight is performed using a set of predictive and preventive AI algorithms which are novel and proprietary technology of TSAW. The drones are capable of detecting any anomaly and making a decision based upon the situation to alter the flight. TSAW drones aim to make last mile delivery autonomous too, in true nature.

Zypp Electric chose TSAW Drones as part of an EVolve Innovation Program with Venture Catalysts, an early-stage incubator. The program's major goal is to assist EV Startups that are aiming to improve last-mile logistics and the EV sector as a whole. TSAW Drones is one of the new generation deep-tech companies shortlisted by Zypp Electric for deeper partnership. Their innovative drones for deliveries with an innovative business model has great potential, and Zypp Electric will nurture them for their next stage of growth with orders and investment in the amount of upto a million dollars.

Zypp Electric aims to support entrepreneurs with disruptive and inventive concepts that will improve the electric vehicle and logistics industries. For up to three months, Zypp Electric will give incubation support for prototyping and testing, as well as mentoring from top industry specialists.

"TSAW Drones provides end-to-end drone solutions for logistics with a vision to automate and optimize the process of transportation in logistics by introducing Drones/UAVs. Zypp has been at the forefront of solving last-mile delivery inefficiencies and the adoption of Drones will take this to another level. With this partnership, we intend to disrupt logistics services by providing drones services for the last mile delivery at the warehouse and the customer's doorstep. With a rush towards 10 mins delivery promises, it's critical to eliminate traffic in the process while ensuring human safety at all times. Collaboration with Zypp Electric opens up a lot of possibilities for TSAW." said Kishan Tiwari, founder and CEO of TSAW Drones.

"Today cities are expanding beyond imagination and catering to each and every customer is impossible with the existing infrastructure. Drones are the future of transportation and TSAW drones is making this future a reality by introducing drones in the logistics sector for last-mile deliveries. TSAW's partnership with Zypp electric has made the process of implementation even faster, just like our drones. Together we will soon be at the doorsteps of every customer." said Rimanshu Pandey, founder and COO of TSAW Drones.

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