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OM Logistics opens new 1 lakh sq ft warehouse in Chennai

This placement is advantageous for the automobile industry concentrated in the southern region.

OM Logistics opens new 1 lakh sq ft warehouse in Chennai
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OM Logistics announced the launch of its new 1 lakh sq ft warehouse facility in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on the Bangalore-Chennai highway at Kanchipuram.

“This move is aimed at elevating the connectivity and solidifying the company's presence in the southern region,” reads the release.

The company noted that it serves as a pivotal link in facilitating efficient North-South movement and addressing long-haul distances. Positioned along this critical transportation route, the facility is integrated into the supply chain network, offering enhanced connectivity to major industrial and business hubs in the region. The warehouse acts as a central hub supporting the industry's logistical requirements, optimizing the movement of goods between vital North and South business centres.

The new facility has capabilities including Grade-A warehousing facilities, palletized, automated, 24x7 operations, multiple cross docks and skilled manpower.

“The infrastructure adheres to the highest standards, providing secure and optimized storage for a variety of goods. Company’s operations are meticulously designed to ensure 'Zero' damages, spoilage, and breakage of materials. Palletized operations contribute to the preservation of goods throughout the supply chain,” it reads.

“The warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art automation, streamlining processes and enhancing overall efficiency. Automation contributes to precision and reliability in handling goods. To meet the dynamic needs of our clients, the facility operates round the clock, supported by a robust process-driven system. This ensures timely order fulfilment and delivery. With multiple cross docks, the facility is optimized for quick and efficient loading and unloading operations, facilitating smooth movement of goods,” it adds.

The facility is also staffed with a skilled and experienced workforce, ensuring the seamless execution of operations and providing value-added services to clients.

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