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Coimbatore Marine College students complete Softlink certification

Logi-Sys certification is an effort to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Coimbatore Marine College students complete Softlink certification
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The logistics and freight management software provider Softlink Global and Coimbatore Marine College (CMC) announced the completion of the Logi-Sys Certification for students under the Softlink Academy.

“This is aimed at integrating industry-standard tools into academic programs,” reads the release.

The certification, integrated in CMC’s MBA in Logistics and BBA in Supply Chain programs, saw successful completion, where students were trained on Logi-Sys, the all-in-one cloud platform for logistics management helping thousands of users globally.

It reads, “This certification is an effort to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.”

By incorporating Logi-Sys into the curriculum, students gain real-world, hands-on experience with the technologies that are transforming the logistics sector. This initiative ensures that graduates are not only academically proficient but also equipped to handle real-world logistics challenges with confidence and expertise.

Kunal Maheshwari, chief g0rowth officer at Softlink Global, stated, “We are delighted to celebrate this milestone with Coimbatore Marine College. The successful certification of the first batch of students on Logi-Sys underscores our commitment to developing future logistics professionals who are ready to lead in a rapidly evolving industry.”

Dr. S.B. SenthilKumar, director, Dept. of Management Studies (Shipping & Logistics) at Coimbatore Marine College, added, “Our partnership with Softlink Global has been instrumental in enhancing our academic programs. The integration of Logi-Sys into our curriculum has provided our students with invaluable practical experience, preparing them for successful careers in logistics and supply chain management.”

The release also reads, “Softlink Global and CMC will continue to work together to provide students with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in the dynamic field of logistics. Softlink Global, having already taken multiple initiatives to uplift the logistics industry, will continue investing its resources towards education and overall transformation of the industry through innovation, currently in India and steadily across the globe. Softlink Global is continuously innovating and digitalizing the logistics industry through various initiatives. Notable recent initiatives include Logi-Sys Arena, a comprehensive platform designed to streamline logistics operations, and LogiTHON 2024, a hackathon that fosters innovation in logistics technology. These initiatives, among others, demonstrate Softlink Global's dedication to uplifting the logistics sector and driving digital transformation.”

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