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221 containers lost at sea in 2023, down from 661 in 2022

11 Jun 2024 9:45 AM GMT
From a liner shipping industry perspective, every container overboard is one too many: World Shipping Council

World Shipping Council appoints Joe Kramek as President & CEO

17 April 2024 2:06 PM GMT
It has been a privilege to lead WSC during a time of significant growth & complexity in maritime sector: John Butler

Maersk, Hapag halt Red Sea movements after attacks

16 Dec 2023 9:37 AM GMT
After Panama Canal shock, the terror attacks on container ships can disrupt supply chain in 2024

Improperly declared dangerous goods putting lives at risk: WSC

28 Sep 2023 2:18 PM GMT
World Shipping Council taking additional action to strengthen cargo safety standards

IMO adopts revised GHG reduction strategy for global shipping

7 July 2023 12:20 PM GMT
Revised strategy includes enhanced common ambition to reach net-zero GHG emissions close to 2050

661 containers lost at sea in 2022: WSC

22 May 2023 1:49 PM GMT
Most WSC member carriers saw no/single digit container losses in 2022, only two carriers report losses above 100 units

Biden signs Ocean Reform Act; WSC says invest in landside logistics

17 Jun 2022 5:52 AM GMT
OSRA 2022 establishes additional requirements and prohibited conduct for ocean carriers.

World Shipping Council blasts U.S. Ocean Shipping Reform Act

14 Jun 2022 12:32 PM GMT
"We are appalled by continued mischaracterisation of the industry by U.S. govt representatives"

Biden at it again - slams carriers for inflation

10 Jun 2022 10:58 AM GMT
"Nine shipping companies who ship from Asia to the United States have raised prices by as much as 1,000%."

WSC outlines 6 pronged strategy to IMO to meet zero carbon shipping goal

14 Feb 2022 8:54 AM GMT
The paper recommends 'green corridors' as a practical mechanism for the IMO, member states, and industry to focus investments in a manner that enables...
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