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India-Europe April first week air cargo spot rates rose to $4.13/kilo

12 April 2024 7:00 AM GMT
Bangladesh-Europe spot rates soared to $4.59 a kilo in the same week according to WorldACD.

Middle East & South Asia reports 8% air cargo demand growth: WorldACD

15 Dec 2020 8:55 AM GMT
December 15, 2020:  World Air Cargo Data (WorldACD) reported 1 percent growth in the global air cargo in the first week of December (till Dec 6) with...

Air cargo capacity drops 2%, yields up 1.6% in Oct last week: WorldACD

7 Nov 2020 9:52 AM GMT
November 7, 2020: As per World Air Cargo Data (WorldACD), on the week ended on Sunday, November 1, 2020 (wk 44), global chargeable weight decreased by...

Air cargo in May records 11 percent rise over Apr; far from normal: WorldACD

19 Jun 2020 8:54 AM GMT
June 19, 2020: Worldwide, in May 2020, chargeable weight carried by air decreased 29 precent compared to May 2019.
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