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Duration of Red Sea crisis unknown variable, says Drewry

19 Jan 2024 7:55 AM GMT
"Suez Canal diversions will inflate shipping costs for as long as the situation lasts but trade always finds a way"

Drewry WCI up 15%, vessel boarded

11 Jan 2024 2:15 PM GMT
Index has increased by 44% compared with the same week last year, and is the highest since October 2022

Drewry's WCI drops 4%; spot rates continue rally, says Xeneta

24 March 2022 1:29 PM GMT
The World Container Index, however, remains 74% higher than a year ago.

Global container price increases 332% YoY to $8,061 per 40ft container

28 Jun 2021 8:24 AM GMT
June 28, 2021: Drewry’s composite World Container index rose 15.9 percent or $1,104 to reach $8,061.65 per 40 ft container, which is 332 percent...
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