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Houthis/Somali pirates attack 13% of global seaborne trade

19 March 2024 11:47 AM GMT
In the first three weeks of March, the number of ships transiting through the Suez Canal was down 51% YoY

Ukraine's grain exports flourish amidst expired Black Sea Initiative

5 March 2024 9:08 AM GMT
Ukraine exported an average of four million tonnes of grain per month during January and February 2024

Cargo volumes in Red Sea area drop 21% due to attacks on ships

27 Feb 2024 1:00 PM GMT
Container ship transits are down by 70% through the Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal, says BIMCO

EU launches Operation Aspides to counter Houthi attacks

20 Feb 2024 10:22 AM GMT
Operation will be active along the main sea lines of communication in the Baab al-Mandab Strait and the Strait of Hormuz

US continues attacks against Houthis

27 Jan 2024 7:55 AM GMT
Oil tanker hit by Houthi-fired missile, crew safe

US, UK impose sanctions on 4 Houthi leaders, Red Sea attacks continue

26 Jan 2024 1:20 PM GMT
Drewry’s World Container Index increased 5% to $3,964 per 40ft container for the week to January 25, 2024

Houthis attack 2 Maersk vessels in Red Sea

25 Jan 2024 10:01 AM GMT
Following escalation of risk, US subsidiary of Maersk is suspending transits in the region until further notice

US continues attacks against Houthis

20 Jan 2024 7:14 AM GMT
Houthis continue to target merchant ships, ocean freight rates continue to rally on uncertainty

US attack continues against Houthis, ship catch fire in Red Sea

18 Jan 2024 8:07 AM GMT
United States calls Ansarullah, also known as the Houthis, as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist

US strike against Houthis continues, fresh attack in Red Sea

13 Jan 2024 6:31 AM GMT
A missile was fired towards a vessel approximately 90 NM South East of Aden, Yemen

U.S. attacks Houthis to stop Red Sea hostilities

12 Jan 2024 6:01 AM GMT
Iran-backed Houthis have attempted to attack and harass 27 ships in international shipping lanes since October 17, 2023

Drewry WCI up 15%, vessel boarded

11 Jan 2024 2:15 PM GMT
Index has increased by 44% compared with the same week last year, and is the highest since October 2022
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