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Container shipping nears turning point: Container xChange

19 Sep 2023 7:07 AM GMT
Carriers adopt slow steaming to manage tonnage; cost of moving empty containers, especially to Asia, remains significant

MSC vs Klaus-Micheal Kuehne for HHLA?

16 Sep 2023 7:59 AM GMT
German billionaire Klaus-Micheal Kuehne had expressed interest for port company, MSC offers bid of €16.75/share

Reefer shipping remains resilient: Drewry

9 Aug 2023 1:48 PM GMT
Anticipated fall in reefer container freight rates will continue to be more measured than for dry freight

End of Black Sea Initiative: What next for Ukraine grain exports?

20 July 2023 10:03 AM GMT
Russia warns of attacks; Ukraine may depend on Romania’s Constanta port & inland routes for exports

Smart container fleet to expand 6-fold over 5 years, says Drewry

11 July 2023 6:38 AM GMT
Drewry forecasts that number of smart containers in global fleet will reach over 10 million units

Challenges to Net Zero for container shipping lines

3 July 2023 11:04 AM GMT
From 10 carriers operating approximately 85% containership fleet, eight have confirmed net zero targets by 2050: Drewry

Container shipping stock prices resilient: Drewry

14 Feb 2023 9:59 AM GMT
Despite continuous fall in freight rates, stock prices of major liners are consolidating at historically low valuations

Maersk integrator strategy high risk move: Drewry

3 Feb 2023 7:30 AM GMT
“Messaging to both sets (customers & shareholders) on how they will succeed needs to be crystal clear”

2M split: Container shipping heading for turmoil

26 Jan 2023 6:52 AM GMT
After controlling 35% capacity, the 2M alliance partners will now fight for market share and the same set of customers

Carriers cancel 21% sailings till mid-Feb: Drewry

7 Jan 2023 6:20 AM GMT
58% blank sailings will be occurring in Transpacific Eastbound & 31% on Asia-North Europe and Med

Carriers losing control of the market: Drewry

5 Jan 2023 10:28 AM GMT
"Spot rates have continued to fall on a weekly basis, rapidly closing in on five-year 2015-19 averages."

Margin pressure looms for container terminal operators: Drewry

15 Dec 2022 4:30 AM GMT
Drewry’s Global Container Terminal Earnings Index peaked in Q122 followed by a 13% drop in Q222
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