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Shippers relaunching airfreight contract negotiations to push rates down

4 Aug 2023 7:41 AM GMT
Last month saw a 7% YoY capacity recovery as airlines’ summer schedules stepped up to meet heightened passenger traffic.

Global airfreight spot rate fell 40% YoY in May, lowest since Mar 2020

7 Jun 2023 2:30 PM GMT
Shippers are the dominant players in the market right now, as freight forwarders and airlines are nervous of missing/losing the volumes that are...

Global air cargo market demand dips by 8% in October

3 Nov 2022 11:52 AM GMT
Global airfreight spot prices fell below last year's level for the second month in a row in October. The slight increase in week 3 was mostly due to...

August air cargo data early signal of volumes, rates picking up again

7 Sep 2022 1:39 PM GMT
After -8% and -9% year-on-year falls in demand in June and July 2022, August volumes were a more modest -5% adrift of the August 2021 level, and -4%...

Xeneta acquires air freight market intelligence provider CLIVE Data Services

27 Jan 2022 10:14 AM GMT
Xeneta has acquired Amsterdam-based air freight data analysts CLIVE Data Services. CLIVE’s managing director, Niall van de Wouw will be joining Xeneta...

What reversed traditional trend for global air cargo this November?

3 Dec 2021 5:34 AM GMT
Congestion on the ground muted air cargo’s growth in November, with volumes falling by -1.2 percent versus October, reversing the trend traditionally...

Air cargo loadfactor growth in Sept marks unusual peak season start?

7 Oct 2021 10:10 AM GMT
Global air cargo analyst CLIVE Data Services announced that dynamic loadfactor rose to 68 percent in the last week of September, compared to 64...

Global air cargo rates report 112% surge vs pre-Covid levels in August

2 Sep 2021 9:35 AM GMT
September 2, 2021: Resilient international demand for air cargo capacity in August versus a shortfall in supply pushed average global air cargo rates...
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