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Dronamics first cargo drone airline with IATA, ICAO designator codes

13 July 2023 2:25 PM GMT
Dronamics has been assigned IATA designator code OY along with accounting prefix 651

Dronamics successfully completes test flight of Black Swan cargo drone

25 May 2023 7:35 AM GMT
Dronamics is on a mission to enable same day delivery for everyone, everywhere. This significant milestone is the culmination of months of ground...

DRONAMICS launches unmanned aerial vehicle for cargo Black Swan

8 Dec 2021 4:56 AM GMT
DRONAMICS plans to roll out a global network of droneports allowing the Black Swan, which will run on 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel, to...

DRONAMICS launches first cargo drone airline DRONAMICS Airlines

1 April 2021 6:44 AM GMT
April 1, 2021: The developer and operator of large cargo drones, DRONAMICS, announced the launch of DRONAMICS Airlines with companies in Ireland,...

How resiliency forms the strongest link in the digital supply chain

7 Feb 2021 6:30 PM GMT
Recent times have brought the importance of supply chain resiliency into even sharper focus. Organizations that had already built resilience into both...
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