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Join us tomorrow at 3.30 pm to know how e-commerce logistics is changing

5 Aug 2020 4:54 AM GMT
August 5, 2020: India's No.1 logistics publication, Indian Transport and Logistics News (, is presenting its seventh webinar on the topic and...

Join us tomorrow to find how logistics handle vaccines amid Covid-19

24 Jun 2020 5:37 AM GMT
June 24, 2020: The Indian Transport & Logistics News (ITLN) will be organizing a webinar on the topic “Covid-19 response: Building resilient supply...

Pharma.Aero to conduct third and final webinar on June 18

11 Jun 2020 2:50 PM GMT
June 12, 2020: On June 18, 2020, Pharma.Aero in collaboration with The STAT Trade Times will organize the third and final webinar titled “The Future:...

Ensuring seamless delivery of essentials amid Covid-19

6 May 2020 6:28 AM GMT
This is the audio recording of the Indian Transport & Logistics News first webinar that took place on April 16, 2020.

Join us at 3.30 pm for our webinar on Indian logistics amid lockdown

5 May 2020 5:28 AM GMT
May 5, 2020: The Indian Transport & Logistics Transport (ITLN) is all set to organise its new webinar on the topic "Overcoming operational...

Pharma.Aero launches webinar series amid Covid-19 disruption

25 April 2020 7:01 AM GMT
April 25, 2020: As the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting the life science and MedTec air cargo sector, Pharma.Aero, in collaboration with The STAT Trade...
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