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How digital freight forwarding is building a reliable, responsive supply chain

6 May 2021 6:30 PM GMT
The Suez Canal blockage crisis has been the centre of attention for the entire global transport community for past few weeks. Accounting for over 12...

Marine cargo insurance market is “improving amid significant change”: IUMI

23 Sep 2020 10:32 AM GMT
September 23, 2020: Speaking at IUMI (International Union of Marine Insurance) annual conference on Monday, Sean Dalton, chair, IUMI’s Cargo Committee...

Maersk makes Asia-Europe AE19 ocean-rail service permanent

8 Sep 2020 8:35 AM GMT
September 8, 2020: Just over a year after its launch in August 2019, Maersk’s AE19 ocean-rail product from Asia to Europe becomes a permanent weekly...

Kerry Logistics’ freight forwarding profit increased by 40% in 2020H1

28 Aug 2020 8:35 AM GMT
August 28, 2020: Kerry Logistics Network announced the Group’s interim results for the six months ended June 30, 2020, with a revenue increase of 10%...
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