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How LocoNav helped Medallion Translinks to save ₹7.25 crore annually

With a fleet size of 170 vehicles, Medallion Translinks saved up to ₹4 lack per truck annually.

How LocoNav helped Medallion Translinks to save ₹7.25 crore annually

From left, Shridhar Gupta & Vidit Jain, co-founders of LocoNav 

LocoNav, a full-stack fleet software company announced that it helped Medallion Translinks, an Indian logistics company save more than ₹7.25 crore in a year by deploying its fleet management and video safety solutions for its fleet of 170 vehicles. Working closely with LocoNav, Medallion Translinks got a better understanding of fleet management and it has now been able to diversify its portfolio and grow into a complete logistics business from being a traditional FMCG company.

Medallion Translinks provides transportation services to global Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and automotive companies. It started as an in-house fleet for its own CPG business with trucks and motorcycles carrying the finished products to micro-retailers in the interiors of India. It went on to adopt LocoNav's solutions to address challenges including pilferage of cargo and fuel, misuse of vehicles, and delay in delivery.

Pranjal Tulsiyan, founder, Medallion Translinks, said, "Using LocoNav's solutions gave us the confidence to diversify into a full-blown logistics business from being a traditional FMCG company. We have not only been able to reduce our costs significantly but also improve our fleet, driver, and cargo safety by using solutions such as e-locks and video dashcams. The solutions have enabled us to maintain a check on our drivers and prevent misuse of vehicles."

Co-founders - Shridhar Gupta and Vidit Jain, said, "Digitalization in fleet management is proven to drive positive impact on the bottom line and the overall ecosystem. The time is now for businesses to understand and implement fleet tech for a lasting impact in the future as well. Medallion Translinks' success story is a testament to the opportunities fleet tech can unlock for businesses across industries and we are thrilled to be a part of this transformative journey."

Maximized cost savings and enabled operational efficiencies
LocoNav's solutions have helped Medallion Translinks to reduce its average running cost per km for each vehicle resulting in savings of INR 4 lacs per truck annually. LocoNav's solutions including efficient tracking, geofencing, and trip management resulted in doubling the growth in trips traveled per month. With more fleet visibility, the period of storing raw materials in factories was reduced from 25-30 days to 2-7 days, resulting in a 20% reduction in operational overheads at the manufacturing end too! Additionally, Medallion Translinks saved 10% of fuel cost as a result of using LocoNav's fuel monitoring solution that uses tank-mounted IoT fuel sensors leading to mileage improvement and lower pilferage. Through the use

of AI-powered video telematics leveraging dual-channel dashcams, the company has reduced its annual penalty cost by INR 45 lakhs (INR 53,000/vehicle).

Increase in business efficiency
Starting as the logistics arm of a Food & Beverage major, Medallion Translinks today is a full-size logistics company with the business oversight and efficiency it has secured leveraging LocoNav's solutions. With this, it has also helped its global MNC clients with efficient fleet management service. The company experienced increased customer satisfaction as the cargo was delivered safely and there were fewer delays in the transportation process. It has further registered 2X growth in trips per month via efficiencies derived using efficient tracking, geofencing, and trip management. This business growth gave Medallion Translinks confidence to invest in rapid business expansion and it has grown its fleet size by an additional 130 vehicles, taking its total fleet strength to 300 vehicles within a year of adopting LocoNav's fleet tech.

By implementing LocoNav's solutions, Medallion Translinks has been able to improve its operations and increase efficiency helping the business to grow to the next level.

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