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Tessol’s sustainable cold chain solutions deliver 1 billion products

Apart from expansion in the Middle East and New Zealand, the company has successfully reduced GHG emissions by 1 million tons and prevented 3 million tons of food wastage

Tessol’s sustainable cold chain solutions deliver 1 billion products

Rajat Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Tessol

Tessol the leader in cold chain technology solutions today announced that it has reached a unique milestone of delivering over 1 billion products through its cold chain solutions. In its ninth year of operations, the company reached several milestones, such as reducing the GHG emissions by 1 million tons, preventing 3 millions tons of food wastage, and in reducing the operating costs by over 45%.

Niranjana Neelakantan, Co-founder and COO, Tessol, said, “The cold chain market globally and especially in India is rapidly growing backed by the unprecedented demand for last-mile food delivery. Our belief and investments in the sustainable cold chain are taking shape and our clients are steadily moving away from the dry ice and adopting more sustainable solutions. It shows in the fact that Tessol is part of food delivery for 5 out of 10 food manufacturers in India”

Some of the recent engagements of Tessol include the introduction of its range of breakthrough indiWRAP solutions. indiWRAP is in huge demand and is widely used by leading ice cream manufactures along with Tessol's phase change material technology to deliver millions of products without sacrificing product integrity. Pharma giants and leading fish and meat suppliers are successfully delivering medicines and fresh products without any wastage to their customers across India.

Rajat Gupta, Co-founder, and CEO, Tessol, said “Sustainable cold chain solutions are fast becoming an integral part of a brand’s product roadmap. Brands have started integrating the cold chain strategy and involving the cold chain solution providers during the product design. This helps them deliver viable, reliable, and sustainable products. We are very excited about the historic growth momentum and have expanded in the Middle East and New Zealand. We are aggressively looking to expand our reach to other international markets too.”

The cold chain industry in India is still at a growing stage but it has shown positive growth making it one of the most promising industries. Thus, playing a contributory role in the overall growth and development of the sector, Tessol plans to expand its products and services across various segments. Tessol, a globally recognized Indian player is well-funded by leading investors, such as Mela Ventures, Ankur Capital, 1CrowdAngels, and 1Fund.

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