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Ninjacart acquires SaaS-based end-to-end solutions provider Tecxprt

Ninjacart will have access to Tecxprt's technology suite which will accelerate the digitisation within the organisation.

Ninjacart acquires SaaS-based end-to-end solutions provider Tecxprt

The agri-platform that leverages technology to organise the agriculture ecosystem Ninjacart has acquired Tecxprt, which has extensive experience integrating SaaS-based end-to-end solutions, enabling the creation of powerful networks.

"With the acquisition of Tecxprt as well as their team under its umbrella, Ninjacart will expand the opportunities for participants to flourish both individually and collectively, thereby contributing towards the enhancement of the agri–ecosystem," reads the release.

As part of the acquisition, Ninjacart will obtain direct access to Tecxprt's technology suite, which will accelerate the digitisation within the organisation's ecosystem. With Tecxprt's technology-focused solution, agri participants can digitize their operations and communicate more efficiently with their stakeholders. On the other hand, their social network software will facilitate real-time communication across the food supply chain, from farmers, resellers, retailers, consumers to supply chain participants.

Thirukumaran Nagarajan, co-founder and CEO of Ninjacart said, ''Ninjacart aims to build the largest agri platform. We are investing significantly and accelerating the technology-driven disruption in agri commerce space. Our acquisition of Tecxpert is a first step towards the same. Over the last five years, Tecxprt has demonstrated excellence in technology, customer understanding and relentless execution."

He further added, "With this acquisition, we will further strengthen our position as a one-stop- solution for agri-players, retailers, and small businesses supplying agri commodities across the country. Our focus will remain on nurturing Ninjacart's core value and in building an employee-focused organisation by prioritising employee well-being and giving prime importance to work-life balance.''

Naveen Murugan, founder and managing director, Tecxprt said, ''Our combined workforce, as well as tech capabilities, will be a formidable force towards achieving our joint ambitions of accelerating the growth and streamlining of India's agri-ecosystem."

The note continues, "Ninjacart, as an agritech giant, has inspired its employees to take a problem-solving approach with a tech-driven mindset, allowing them to thrive in their respective fields and focus on becoming agritech leaders. The company is actively working to increase diversity in tech and product roles by creating a level playing field for aspirants/talent from all over India."

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