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HERE now available on

HERE APIs and SDKs can be used by any platform to solve location-related problems and to optimize business applications, manufacturing supply chains, and transportation and logistics across multiple industries.

HERE now available on
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The location data and technology platform HERE Technologies and, the online marketplace to compare and purchase IT solutions, have partnered to give business users seamless access to HERE map data and location services that are used at the foundation of digital solutions for small, medium and large size businesses. is an online marketplace for IT solutions that allows IT buyers to choose, compare, and buy the right technology for their business at the right price.

Sachin Thukral, head of partner & alliances, Asia Pacific at HERE Technologies said, “We are excited to partner with Techjockey and offer HERE’s unparalleled location data and services via the Techjockey online marketplace. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to empower Indian businesses of all sizes with access and the essential building blocks for digital success. Together with Techjockey, we look forward to unlocking new possibilities, enhance efficiency, and redefine the way businesses in India harness the power of location intelligence.”

“Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to thrive in the digital age. We are dedicated to providing a one-stop shop for all IT needs, connecting customers with top- rated service providers and cutting-edge solutions,” said Akash Nangia, co-founder at Techjockey.

“We are pleased to have HERE Technologies, a trusted global provider of high-quality map data and location-based services, join our marketplace,” said Arjun Mittal, Co- founder at Techjockey.

HERE Map Content and Location Services, along with Professional Services and Technical Support Services, will be offered by Techjockey via its marketplace and customer teams. This includes:

  • HERE Routing: Create optimal guidance and journey times for commercial fleets with more accurate ETAs.
  • HERE Geocoding & Search: Convert an address into GPS coordinates, and reverse, and search hundreds of millions of places worldwide.
  • HERE Map Rendering: Access to accurate, comprehensive and highly interactive map for over 200 countries.
  • HERE Positioning: Accurately locate devices and assets using satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi signals in outside and indoor environments.
  • HERE Tour Planning: A many-to-many route optimization service that helps transport and logistics companies improve the operational efficiency of routes and lower the costs for their fleets.
  • HERE SDK: Easy-to-use tools for a seamless integration of location services into native applications, optimized for Android and iOS.

HERE provides location-based products, services and custom maps for organizations and enterprises across the globe. From autonomous driving and seamless logistics capabilities to new mobility experiences, HERE allows its partners and customers to innovate while retaining control over their data and safeguarding privacy.

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