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Maersk expands relationship with Microsoft

Microsoft Azure provides Maersk access to a resilient and performing portfolio of cloud services

Maersk expands relationship with Microsoft
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Maersk, one of the world’s largest logistics companies, announced the expanding use of Microsoft Azure as its cloud platform.

"Azure provides Maersk access to a resilient and performing portfolio of cloud services, enabling its business to innovate and deliver scalable, reliable, and secure products with improved time to market. The cloud backbone enables Maersk to build scalable platforms to cater for organic and inorganic growth, supporting the Maersk transformation strategy. Further, the use of machine learning and data analytics will enable Maersk to gain greater ‎insights and support new ways of working," says an official release.

Navneet Kapoor, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Information Officer, Maersk says: "I am thrilled to extend our collaboration with Microsoft. With Microsoft, we can use their innovation in the technology space to drive our innovation in the logistics space. Together, we have a unique and interdependent relationship which is driven by mutual creation, trust, and an understanding of both companies´ strategic direction, which is valuable to all."

Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Microsoft adds: "Digital technologies are essential for the logistics industry to develop solutions and services that will help build and maintain resilient supply chains. With Azure as Maersk’s strategic cloud platform, Microsoft and Maersk are collaborating to accelerate innovation and digitise the industry to meet its customers’ evolving needs.”

The collaboration has already brought digital solutions to the market such as Remote Container Management (RCM), which allows Maersk to monitor temperature and humidity data from hundreds of thousands of refrigerated shipping containers in real time to ensure that food and other perishables arrive in perfect condition, the release added.

"Another project, Connected Vessel, aims at optimising fuel consumption by monitoring performance data from Maersk’s container vessels to create a shared view with experts onshore who can provide advice to Captains, helping lower bunker costs and reducing emissions."

The companies also recently extended their airfreight collaboration where Maersk intends to utilise their own controlled freighter network to support Microsoft’s global supply chain.

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