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Datalogic partners with DHL for sustainable shipping in Vietnam

Datalogic is the first customer in Vietnam to utilize GoGreen Plus solution. The partnership is expected to reduce 40,000 kilograms of Well-to-Wheel carbon emissions.

Datalogic partners with DHL for sustainable shipping in Vietnam
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DHL Global Forwarding is working together with Datalogic, a global automatic data capture and factory automation company, to embark on a joint effort to reduce CO₂ emissions throughout logistics and supply chain operations.

“DHL Global Forwarding Vietnam has emerged as the strategic partner for Datalogic, offering the GoGreen Plus Solution for Datalogic’s ocean freight shipments to and from Vietnam. This partnership also establishes Datalogic as the first customer in Vietnam to adopt the GoGreen Plus Solution,” reads the release.

DHL Global Forwarding's GoGreen Plus provides Datalogic with an effective solution for reducing carbon emissions in Full-Container Load (FCL) and Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) shipments. For LCL shipments, a combination of insetting and offsetting methods is employed. The insetting approach involves substituting Heavy Fuel Oils (HFO) with eco-friendly alternatives such as biofuels or Sustainable Marine Fuel, substantially reducing emissions.

Simultaneously, offsetting is achieved by utilizing VER Gold Standard carbon credits, implementing a comprehensive door-to-door strategy that addresses emissions throughout the entire lifecycle. Meanwhile, for FCL shipments, the primary focus is offsetting the main haul transportation, ensuring a significant environmental impact and leading the way in the sustainable shipping journey.

“In the logistics industry, leadership extends beyond efficiency; it encompasses responsibility. We are honored to support Datalogic in delivering a more sustainable logistics approach. Through this partnership, we are not merely moving goods but forging a path where environmental consciousness meets operational excellence. Together, we navigate a course where each shipment signifies a commitment to a greener, more responsible future for our industry and the planet we share,” said Laurence Cheung, Managing Director of DHL Global Forwarding Vietnam.

DHL Global Forwarding Vietnam has maintained a longstanding partnership with Datalogic Vietnam. Both companies share a dedication to sustainable logistics, actively contributing to the global fight against climate change. This collaboration is expected to reduce 40,000 kilograms of CO₂ Well-to-Wheel emissions.

“At Datalogic, sustainability is at the core of our values. Partnering with DHL Global Forwarding Vietnam on the GoGreen Plus initiative aligns with our commitment to responsible business practices. This collaboration benefits our operations and contributes to the broader goal of fostering a sustainable and environmentally mindful supply chain," said Le Xuan Vinh, Global Logistics Manager - APAC of Datalogic.

With a mission to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, the DHL Group is dedicated to green operations in the fight against climate change. GoGreen Plus forms an integral part of the Group's 2030 sustainability roadmap, contributing to the sub-goal of ensuring that a minimum of 30 percent of fuel requirements comes from sustainable sources. The GoGreen Plus service is available for both Ocean Freight and Air Freight shipments, offering customers an opportunity to decarbonize their transport efforts. In alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement, the Group is investing EUR 7 billion in sustainable fuel and clean technologies by 2030, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to reducing CO₂ emissions.

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