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V-Trans targets ₹3000 crore turnover by 2026

The company has outlined a strategy focusing on core competence in surface transport, full truckload operations, expansion in Northern India, technology and sustainability.

V-Trans targets ₹3000 crore turnover by 2026
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V-Trans has unveiled plans for rapid growth, targeting a turnover of ₹3000 crore by 2026.

The company has outlined a strategy focusing on core competence in surface transport, full truckload operations, expansion in Northern India, technology and sustainability.

The group has 1200+ branches, 2500 vehicles, 52 Ttansshipments, and over 3300 dedicated team members. V-Trans groups’ offerings have 3 verticals in it, V-Trans for surface transport with offerings for Part Truckload, Full Truck Load, and Over dimension cargo, V-Xpress provides door to door express cargo with multimodal capabilities, and V-Logis offers Warehousing and 3 PL services.

V-Trans will prioritize growth in its core competence area, surface transport, while also expanding its multimodal logistics operations, including air and road combinations.

The company aims to capitalize on the $120 billion FTL market, intending to capture a more significant share by enhancing its presence in this lucrative segment. We are digitizing the process to bring in more efficiency and transparence in the entire process from procure to pay process.

With 30% of overall revenue coming from northern India, V-Trans will make substantial investments in expanding branches, warehouses, and infrastructure in this region.

“We are moving to new Transhipment facilities in Ghaziabad and Zirkapur apart from the existing large warehouses in Dharuhara and Raliawas in Haryana, which are already operational. The company plans further expansions by opening new branches in 3 & 4 tier cities eastern UP, western UP, Uttarakhand, and Punjab,” reads the release.

V-Trans has invested in a new ERP system, ensuring advanced functionalities, and API integrations with government portals, customers, and vendors for seamless information flow. Also building on its commitment to transparence and compliance it is moving its financial system to Standard Global platform for the entire group.

V-Trans is expanding its third-party logistics operation under the V-Logis brand in the northern region, providing employment opportunities and world-class facilities.

The company is working on reducing its carbon footprint through optimization tools, efficient truck utilization, proper routing, and driver education. Already implemented Solar Panel installation in all our large hubs substantially reducing our electricity consumptions

Mahendra Shah, chairman and managing director, of V-Trans (India) said, “At V-Trans, our vision goes beyond logistics; it encompasses building a future where growth is sustainable, technology is transformative, and our ecosystem flourishes. The INR 3000 Crore turnover target by 2026 reflects not just our ambition but also our commitment to a responsible and impactful journey. We are not merely transporting goods; we are creating opportunities, embracing innovation, and contributing to a greener tomorrow."

Further, he added, “I am proud of the team's dedication, and I assure our customers, partners, and stakeholders that V-Trans will continue to be at the forefront of positive change in the logistics industry. Together, we are not just moving goods; we are propelling growth, fostering innovation, and building a future that transcends expectations."

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