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Trucknetic integrates with ULIP

ULIP currently integrates with 33 systems from seven different Ministries through 106 APIs, encompassing more than 1,600 data fields.

Trucknetic integrates with ULIP
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Trucknetic has successfully integrated its platform with the Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP), as part of the National Logistics Policy initiated by the Government of India.

ULIP aims to break down silos, foster integration among various Ministries and Departments, and establish a centralized platform for efficient and transparent trade operations. By integrating with ULIP, Trucknetic strengthens its commitment to delivering innovative solutions and contributing to the PM Gati- National Master Plan.

ULIP serves as a digital gateway, facilitating data exchange between government and private entities involved in India's logistics ecosystem. The platform operates on a request-response basis, using APIs for seamless data transmission, which enables faster onboarding of new systems. ULIP adheres to open standards, licenses, databases, and APIs, promoting interoperability among diverse stakeholders.

Arham Partap Jain, founder & CEO of Trucknetic, said, "We at Trucknetic are strong advocates of groundbreaking innovations such as ULIP and are proud to be part of this initiative. We take pride in acting as a catalyst to drive impact through ULIP in the PM Gati- National Master Plan."

ULIP currently integrates with 33 systems from seven different Ministries through 106 APIs, encompassing more than 1,600 data fields. Notably, Trucknetic utilizes four APIs—VAHAN, SARTHI, FASTAG, and DIGILOCKER—for various use cases, including vehicle and driver authentication, KYC procedures, tracking, and lane monitoring.

Leveraging the VAHAN API, Trucknetic gains real-time access to critical vehicle information from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways' centralized vehicle registration database. This integration enables Trucknetic to retrieve accurate data on vehicle registration, ownership details, fitness certificates, and more, streamlining operations, reducing administrative burden, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Through its integration with SARTHI, Trucknetic leverages the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways' comprehensive licensing and permits platform to verify driver credentials and ascertain driver competence based on driving records, license status, and offenses/challans. This information is crucial for intra-city, inter-state, and cross-border transportation.

Trucknetic also benefits from the FASTAG API, which facilitates tracking and lane monitoring of commercial vehicles through toll plaza geocodes. By leveraging real-time data from the DIGILOCKER APIs, Trucknetic simplifies the KYC process for its customers.

Jain added, "Trucknetic was founded with the vision of reducing logistics costs in India by half and achieving net-zero emissions. We are delighted to witness government initiatives like ULIP that share our vision. I firmly believe that we are progressing toward the establishment of a transparent and reliable Indian Logistics Ecosystem."

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