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Roadcast introduces Roadcast Fuel Sensor

With IoT and GPS, the device provides detailed insights into vehicle performance & fuel usage.

Roadcast introduces Roadcast Fuel Sensor
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Fuel usage is a major expense for the logistics sector, accounting for 30% of global gasoline consumption, or roughly 50 billion gallons annually. Recognising the challenges posed by rising fuel costs and operational inefficiencies, Roadcast has introduced the Roadcast Fuel Sensor, a product aimed at optimising fuel management within the logistics industry.

The Roadcast Fuel Sensor helps businesses cut down on fuel use by 5–10% using its advanced tech and live monitoring. With IoT and GPS tracking, it gives clear insights into how vehicles are performing and using fuel. This helps businesses make smart choices and run more efficiently, mentions the offcial release.

Additionally, the Roadcast Fuel Sensor comes with an advanced fuel monitoring platform. This platform lets businesses keep tabs on low fuel levels, temperature alerts, and optimal usage times. By using this information, businesses can create detailed reports to spot inefficiencies and deter theft, which can save them a lot of money in the long run.

"Our mission at Roadcast is to empower businesses with innovative solutions that drive efficiency and cost savings," says Vishal Jain, co-founder at Roadcast. “With the Roadcast Fuel Sensor, we aim to revolutionize fuel management in the logistics sector, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and maximize profitability.”

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