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Magenta Mobility, Altigreen & Exponent partner to roll out 15-minute rapid charging EV fleet

Magenta will deploy 1,000 Altigreen neEV Tez 3W powered by Exponent across India

Magenta Mobility, Altigreen & Exponent partner to  roll out 15-minute rapid charging EV fleet
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Magenta Mobility, an electric mobility, and charging solutions provider, joins forces with Exponent Energy, an energy-tech startup, and Altigreen Propulsion Labs, a leading electric commercial vehicle manufacturer. Altigreen's neEV Tez powered by Exponent fully charges in 15 minutes. This, along with Exponent’s e^pump network empowers Magenta to unlock unparalleled utilization, freedom, and flexibility for last-mile logistics.

Magenta is revolutionizing the logistics and transportation landscape in India through its integrated electric mobility solutions, encompassing Electric Vehicles, Charging Infrastructure, Software Solutions, and Daily Operations. This integrated approach offers end-to-end solutions to customers, enabling them to harness the benefits of greener and more efficient operations while generating valuable insights from their fleets. Presently, Magenta extends its expertise to assist businesses and delivery conglomerates in various sectors such as e-commerce, quick-commerce, grocery, pharma, and courier across 9 cities, addressing their last mile and mobility challenges effectively.

With Altigreen's expertise in developing and distributing high-performance EVs with unbeatable specifications, unmatched telematics data, and the highest volumetric load capacity along with Exponent’s 15-minute rapid charging technology, Magenta plans to enable efficient cross-utilization, resulting in significantly reduced operational costs for businesses across India.

Commenting on this partnership, Maxson Lewis, Founder & Managing Director at Magenta Mobility shared, “Through our partnership with Exponent & Altigreen, we are setting new standards for efficiency and convenience in last mile logistics. By rapid charging in 15 minutes, we will be able to cross-utilize our fleet enabling us to save time and reduce our operational costs. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to electrifying and decarbonizing logistics in India by delivering innovative and sustainable e-mobility solutions. Together we are paving the way for a greener and cleaner future.”

After successfully completing a 3-month pilot, Magenta, Altigreen and Exponent solidified the partnership and are set to deploy 1000 Altigreen neEV Tez powered by Exponent over the next 12 months. To support the fleet, Exponent has already installed 30 e^pumps across Bengaluru. New locations will be identified and e^pumps set up in other cities, allowing the EV fleets to conveniently charge on the go.

Talking about the partnership, Dr. Amitabh Saran, Founder & CEO, Altigreen said, “We are proud to be associated with the two stalwarts of the EV industry, and together pushing the boundaries of EV utilization. Altigreen’s neEV Tez demonstrates that EVs are not only more economical than their fossil-fuel counterparts, but they can also provide much-increased earnings through 20-hr usage. Altigreen’s pan-India, EV only, dealership network will provide the Exponent-powered neEV Tez for deployment by Magenta across India.”

Speaking on the partnership, Arun Vinayak, Co-founder, & CEO, of Exponent Energy said, "Utilization is key for sustainable growth in last-mile logistics. The NeEV Tez and the e^pump network perfectly complement Magenta's platform and infrastructure to revolutionize the last-mile segment. We enjoy a long-standing relationship with Altigreen built on a shared belief of producing the best EVs for users. We are thrilled about our partnership with Magenta for deploying vehicles on such a large scale across India and strategically integrating our e^pump at different locations to enable 2X productivity and seamless operations.”

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