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Maersk executes Vestas "big" cargo transport

Maersk deployed 80-metre-long trailers to accommodate the wind blades with real-time digital tracking of cargo

Maersk executes Vestas big cargo transport
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Maersk transported over 200 overdimensional wind turbine blades - 254 ft in length x almost 15 feet in width and 15 feet high - for Vestas recently.

Each blade, weighing almost 21 tonnes, was transported from their factory in Chennai to Tuticorin port. The deliveries, on an average, were being done in 4-5 days. Challenges - underpass and overhead clearances and 12-hour road journeys.

Maersk deployed 80-metre-long trailers to accommodate the wind blades, semi-low cargo bed to meet low bridge heights at Dindigul and real-time digital tracking of the cargo.

Maersk is also storing the blades at a yard near Tuticorin port for its onward journey.

Maersk and Vestas had signed a long-term partnership for containerised transport in 2021 effective January 2022.

Vestas' India factory supports the global 2MW platform manufacturing, and the transport is bound to Europe.

(Photo credit: Maersk)

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