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KSH Distriparks adds 40 new trailers to its fleet

With this, the company aims to penetrate the lighter vehicle segment, fortifying its market share in the trailer transportation segment in the Pune region.

KSH Distriparks adds 40 new trailers to its fleet
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KSH Distriparks has announced the acquisition of 40 new trailers to upgrade its existing fleet of 80 trailers. With the addition of new vehicles, the company's total fleet strength now stands at 120 trailers.

The logistics service provider offers container logistics solutions in Pune for transportation networks, buffer yard solutions, ocean imports, bonded warehouse facilities, and DPD transportation services.

Acquisition of new trailers is a move by KSH Distriparks to penetrate the lighter vehicle segment and focus on increasing its trailer transportation share in the Pune region. The company caters to the trailer transportation needs of several OEMs, Shipping Lines, CHAs, and Forwarders. The new vehicles will enhance serviceability across hinterland locations in Ahmednagar, Supa, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, and more.

"Addition of 40 trailers is a significant investment for us, and we believe it will help us serve our customers better and also expand our reach in the region. The new trailers are GPS-enabled to provide real-time visibility into container movements and are equipped with the latest safety features to continuously deliver reliable, efficient, and secure transportation services," said Malcolm Dsouza, Chief Commercial Officer, KSH Distriparks. He further adds, “India’s container market is on a growth trajectory and we are inclined towards increasing our efficiencies and capabilities to tap a major market share and grow our business in and around Pune in Maharashtra in the ICD segment.”

With this acquisition, KSH Distriparks reiterates its commitment to providing the best possible trailer transportation services to its customers. The company is confident that the new trailers will help enhance its capabilities, expand its service area, and increase its market share in the region.

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