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Apollo supply chain introduces ‘alfa’ for Indian D2C brands

The new service, alfa, aims to offer fast, flexible, and efficient fulfilment solutions

Apollo supply chain introduces ‘alfa’ for Indian D2C brands

Akshat Pushp, Chief Business Officer, Apollo Supply Chain

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Apollo Supply Chain, the logistics division and a subsidiary of Apollo International Group, has launched ‘alfa’, a comprehensive e-commerce fulfilment and shipping offering dedicated to serving Direct-to-Consumer brands(D2C). With a strategic approach, the service establishes fulfillment centers in major cities including Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. This new service alfa, aims to cut logistics costs and improve delivery speed, the company also has plans to expand its network with a focus on providing more faster and efficient logistics services.

Apollo's alfa manages the challenges faced by Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands in the e-commerce fulfilment space. alfa deals with a major industry challenge related to control issues in fulfilment centres, often outsourced to third-party providers. This results in frequent breaches of order processing service level agreements (SLAs). alfa's solution involves bringing operations in-house, providing better control, and ensuring adherence to industry standards, according to the official release.

Furthermore, to boost operational effectiveness, alfa concentrates on incorporating methodologies such as Kaizen, Lean practices, and global benchmarking, accompanied by regular service audits. The company adopts a hybrid resource allocation strategy, optimising workforce distribution to effectively manage demand increases.

A customer-centric team at alfa is actively analysing and improving processes through Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA). With a focus on efficiency, alfa is working to minimise returns and improve the handling of return processes. Specific parameters have been set for return order pickups to avoid mistakes. Additionally, alfa is introducing an RTO prediction tool to proactively reduce Return to Origin instances for clients, mentions the release.

“India’s consumer commerce business is witnessing an influx of D2C companies with a potential to become a USD 60 billion sector by 2027. Through alfa, Apollo Supply Chain aims to be a part of India’s D2C success story by ensuring tailored supply chain solutions. alfa specialises in e-commerce fulfillment and shipping services, catering to a diverse clientele encompassing D2C brands in early, growth (venture funded), and late stages, as well as traditional brands seeking PAN India or multi-region distribution. The introduction of alfa is a commitment towards transforming how e-commerce fulfilment is executed in a seamless manner, enhancing cost efficiency and customer satisfaction at the same time,” says, Akshat Pushp, Chief Business Officer of Apollo Supply Chain.

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