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Altigreen delivers 200 neEV Tez vehicles to Fyn Mobility

Launched in January 2023, Altigreen neEV Tez offers owners of cargo businesses and EV fleets the convenience of reduced cost of operation while delivering increased profits.

Altigreen delivers 200 neEV Tez vehicles to Fyn Mobility
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In a first, Indian commercial electric vehicle maker Altigreen delivered 200 Altigreen neEV Tez vehicles early this week to Fyn Mobility in a single day.

“Marking expansion with 30 new retail stores pan India to deliver productivity, income, and comfort, Altigreen is already present in major metros like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore,” reads the release.

The neEV Tez vehicles were delivered to customers at a specially organized event at Altigreen’s Retail Experience Centre through Magnum Ventures in Bangalore. The customers were from B2B and B2C categories – from businesses such as Buy 2 Coffee, Fyn Mobility, DCO, Motherhood Foods, Go One, and more.

Launched in January 2023, the neEV Tez is a cost-efficient workhorse that finds use across several applications such as Retail, Cold Storage, FMCG Distribution, Grocery, Couriers, Fertilizers, etc. The vehicle is manufactured at Altigreen’s sophisticated Malur facility in Karnataka where the plant produces over 180 NeEV Tez vehicles every month.

The Altigreen NeEV Tez powered by Exponent solves these issues by offering 1-hour charging on DC001 network, and a 15-minute full charge at an e^pump, as opposed to the industry average of ~4 hours. The battery comes with a 3000-cycle life warranty with 100% rapid charging versus the industry average of ~1000 cycle life. With the NeEV Tez, customers can now use the same vehicle to complete two shifts, thereby increasing their productivity and earning more profits. Additionally, with a public e^pump network, customers don’t have to install charging hubs further boosting profits!

Amitabh Saran, Founder and CEO, Altigreen, said, “This is a milestone for all of us at Altigreen. We are extremely proud to have given the world the neEV Tez - the world’s fastest-charging 3-wheeler. It is overwhelming to see such a great response for neEV Tez from B2B and B2C customers alike. We are excited to be playing an important role in helping businesses across India transition to electric mobility.”

The company’s commercial electric 3W offering NeEV recently achieved the feat of completing 150+ kms intercity drive between two iconic places of Karnataka, i.e. Mysore Palace and Bangalore Palace, on a single charge in about six hours. In addition, the company has announced partnerships to launch over 30 Retail Experience Centers & showrooms across India where its electric vehicles are available.

Altigreen recently completed ten years of formation, playing a pioneering role in the EV space in the country. The company is constantly ramping up its capabilities through innovation and has aggressive expansion plans to widen its pan-India presence and cater to the rising demand. Altigreen’s product offering stands on four strong pillars: longest range, largest volumetric capacity, highest ground clearance, and greatest torque.

Altigreen product variant - neEV low deck and high deck offer best in class range 151 km (certified), 950 GVW and 220 mm ground clearance and 177 cuft capacity.

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